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Awesome!  I know youre new to the forum but have you been painting long?


Also I have to know where you got that base?  Did you make the whole thing?  What did you use for the bamboo?


Terrific work!

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Thanks Necromancer.


As for my painting time ( I mean in a regular and more serious way ) I just started really to invest time like 3 months now , getting onto it with the help of the 2 layer and core set from reaper.

I did a bit painting long long year ago , when it was the grenadier , mithril and humbrol stuff :D


As for the base , I posted a photo of the process on my wip thread, but I used a compact foam / polyester board and cut the base and various elements to reproduce some stone things.

For the ground texture I am using Vallejo ground texture grey sand ( from their diorama effect series ) , grass and additional small stone are stuff from Wws Scenics.

The bamboo, I took that from a tree that I have around near beach, I don't know it name it look like pine tree and looking at it , it was really good fit to simulate bamboo look :)...sometimes you can find nice stuff by just looking around :D

after that just some paint , small dry brush and wash over the base.

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