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    • By Thrym
      As part of Finger Lakes Paint Day, my son, Seth, helps me setup the office and transport all the extras I bring along.
      Seth received the Order of the Stick minis over the last year for various presents.  Now he's working on them and eventually plans to use them for the Order of the Stick board game he owns.  He loves OotS.
      He's not much for assembly and painting but is willing to give the painting ago, so I've assembled the first three after he spent some time sanding down the resin bodies.
      I also did some cobblestone stamps for his bases.
      Here's the first three:

      Xykon, Roy Greenhilt, and Durkon Thundershield
      I had to use green stuff to adhere the weapons to Roy's and Durkon's hands.  Now that the green stuff is cured I can go back in and sand it or cut it down to be less noticeable.
      More to come after the next Finger Lakes Paint Day.  See you there "local" people.
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