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Looking over my unpainted pile, I think I'm going to replace Nadia with Winter Erryn, the bard from the HF kickstarter..  After all, one needs a way to document the moment!  Plus, her pose is a non-combat one (as are the majority of the ones in that KS that I got, actually)



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Painted Erryn up this weekend but managed to neglect to actually take pictures until I had pinned and glued her on..






Not happy that her clothes look shiny - perhaps the ultra-matt varnish that i ordered the other day will help with that.. 

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Got a start on the Beauty herself tonight.

Her blanket is Violet Red, the Roses are Blush Pink, the flowers are a concoction of Pale Lichen, Forest Green and Shadow Green.. The wood is Sepia Liner over white primer (I decided I liked the look, so didn't go any deeper on the wood)

Her skin gave me fits and I did it 3 times.. the final is fair skin, then flesh wash, then rosy skin, then another light coat of flesh wash and finally a light coat of rosy skin because that came out darker than I wanted still..


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Nearly done! debased Mr Paladin, then glued and pinned him (or was it pinned and glued?).. A few touch-ups left and I'll be ready for a showoff, I think :)  (and some better pictures!)

2018-08-04 09.27.21.jpg

2018-08-04 09.27.34.jpg

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    • By LarsM
      Finally got around to take pictures of my Warhammer diorama.
      I entered it into a local competition, and was lucky enough to win the Warhammer category. Thanks to everyone who wrote a comment in the WIP thread.
      Link here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/81383-warhammer-diorama-pic-heavy/
      ..Sorry for the overload of pictures!  -could'nt help myself..
      Although on these pictures I can see many mistakes, I am quite happy with it.
      Hope you enjoy it, and as always any comment, critiq or question is welcome.

    • By Heisler
      This is the third in a series of four posts each concentrating on a different entry category. You can find information about the scoring system itself in the Painter Division post. From here forward I will just concentrate on how the component guidelines apply to the other three divisions
      Diorama Division
      The Diorama Division does not exist in the MMSI structure. At MMSI a diorama goes into the Open Division as it encompasses the same set of skills. I, however, felt the Open Division ignored or down played the story and what is a diorama without a story?  This is the division that lets you show off the same skills that the Open Division does and wrap it around a story. Again if you have just a single entry then the judges can just go ahead and score your entry, no discussion is necessary. If you have multiple entries, then there will be a discussion between the judges on which entry they want to score. That conversation is typically the only conversation although these discussions tend to be longer than they might be in the Painter Division.  However, when selecting the scoring entry the conversation is still based on “I can score this one higher than the others” or words to that affect, till they come to a decision just as it would be for the Painter Division. 
      Let’s take a quick look at the scoring guidelines the judges use (which is published as part of the MSP Open rules. One cautionary note’ these particular scoring guidelines may change slightly):
      Difficulty: 10%
      Creativity: 20%
      Workmanship: 15%
      Painting Skill: 30%
      Presentation: 25%
      What does this mean for the Diorama Division? In this division we are really want to see all your hobby skills as well as your story telling ability. While the components remain the same the emphasis has obviously changed a great deal.
      Difficulty: This is a tough one for the Diorama category, since most dioramas are difficult to begin with. We reduced the emphasis here because we feel that you should not take a hit for a good story that is comparatively simple to tell.  
      Creativity: Creativity steps up a bit here.  While painting is still factor this is the portion that shows us the story you are telling. Now painting is combined with your ability to convert, sculpt and tell a story to your audience. The entrant’s imagination comes into play here, you are looking to tell a story to your viewers. You are striving for the audience to understand your story without commentary from you. It can be subtle or in your face but if you have to explain it then you have not succeeded.
      Workmanship: This remains a pretty straightforward component but in the Diorama Division there is a higher emphasis on it. It reflects how well constructed the entire piece is. Any type of non-painting effort is represented here. This is includes your ability to do conversions and/or scratch sculpt or at least be able to blend your miniatures in with the scene you have constructed. A missed mold line, poor assembly or a poorly executed conversion could easily drop you a while numeric value in the scoring.
      Painting Skill: Everything that was said about painting still applies in the Diorama Division but there is less emphasis. At this point workmanship and creativity components exceed the painting component. While we don’t expect your abilities to be exactly equal in those areas you cannot count on your ability to paint alone to carry you over the top.
      Presentation:  There is more emphasis on the is component as well. You are building the entire entry, essentially from scratch, and the presentation of everything you do affects the story. From the miniatures to the setting, this is where it all comes together. How you present it can be the difference between gold and silver.
    • By althai
      Since the piece does contain some nudity, I'm only showing back/side views here to respect the forum rules. More angles are available at my website, https://www.lightminiatures.com/come-back-to-me-my-love/.
      I also have a bit of a backstory and a LOT of work-in-progress photos of both the painting and some of the sculpting work I did for the resurrection effect and other parts of the diorama. It's definitely worth checking out. :) For anyone who was at ReaperCon and didn't get a chance to check out the booklet (I know how cons can be), the blog post is basically the same thing.
      The main figure is 03784: D’Vandra Lukesia by Bobby Jackson. The resurrection effect is constructed using 03639: Bella, Succubus by Patrick Keith, and Secret Weapon’s skeleton kit. Everything else is scratchbuilt out of putty, plastic card, parchment paper, cork tile, and wire, apart from two resin vases I got from somewhere I can't remember.
      If you have any comments, questions, or constructive criticism, that is always welcome!

    • By eldamir
      Finally finished with my first 'original' diorama.  I backed a terrain kickstarter last year when my kids were playing Frostgrave with me and by the time it all arrived, their attention spans had wandered - and so, the terrain pieces went back into the box they came with and were (mostly) forgotten..
      Meet Sir Felshire, paladin of Sune.  One evening, as he was on 3rd watch, he was presented with a vision of a beautiful maiden, locked in enchanted sleep deep within a forest. Waking his companions, he excitedly told them of his vision.  Dobbin, the halfling dismissed the tale, stating that there are so many stories of maidens imprisoned by evil that he has made entire fortunes off them ( err.. could have, that is).. Sir Felshire wondered, not for the  first time, at the slip of language that hinted that his companion might not be as honest as he presented himself to be.  The other two members of the group, Erryn and Anirion, were more easily swayed by his drive to rescue this maiden.
      After many months of searching, here we have the brave band at the pinnacle of their quest..

      Our fearless band's mounts!

      Isn't she cold?

      Dobbin, thrilled as usual, keeping an eye out while the others are occupied..

      Anirion, the androgynous wizard..

      Erryn and Sir Felshire..

      Now how does one awaken a princess in enchanted sleep? Perhaps our merry band of adventurers is not done yet!  Dobbin will be thrilled...
      I had a lot of fun painting these folks, even if I did wimp out and skip on the original idea of attempting translucent sheets..  The WIP is here
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