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Resin Bases - Review and Comparison (Secret Weapon, Dark Art, Elrik's Hobbies, Micro Art Studio, Tabletop Art, etc.)

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Hey everyone, I know I have a couple threads I started recently asking for opinions of various companies making resin bases.


Well, I decided to find out for myself :)  I went a bit nuts and ordered a 25 mm set of bases each from a bunch of different companies (some that were recommended here, and others that got good reviews on YouTube etc.)


Once they all arrive (which might take a little while, since some of these were ordered directly from the company, which in some cases are in Europe) I'll post pictures and offer my opinions, review and comparison on them all. For now, here's what I have coming so far. I have my eye on bases from a couple other companies as well (Daemonscape,  WarGamma,   DragonForge, and Kromlech / Bits of War) I'll probably order them in the next week or so. If / when I do, I'll add them here ...


Resin Bases Ordered (all are 25 mm round bases)

Dark Art Miniatures  - Tomb  

Elrik's Hobbies - Cobblestone Road  

Micro Art Studio - Ancient

Secret Weapon Miniatures - Ruined Temple

Tabletop Art Miniatures  - Stone Floor

Scibor Monstrous Miniatures - Celtic Ruins

WarGamma - Tortured Lands

Daemonscape - Skull and Alien infestation



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Very cool, and I look forward to seeing the results, but you need to remove the commerce links; it's against Reaper's rules.

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Quick update - I added 3 more to the above list.


I now have 8 different sets of 25 mm resin bases, coming from 8 different companies. I think this should be a good sample to compare!


The only company I really wanted to order a set from, but didn't was Fenris - they offer surprisingly few straight (vertical) sided bases, which is what I've ordered from all the other companies (I play tabletop RPGs like Pathfinder and D&D, so I want all my bases to be the same style and fit the standard 1" grid increments used in those games).

Fenris pretty much only sells chamfer (GW style) or DS (warmachine, etc style) bases unfortunately ....

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OK, the bases are starting to arrive which is pretty exciting!

The first thing I'm noticing is the difference in resin color from company to company (which, I assume, has to do with different resin mixtures etc)


Here are the 8 companies I've ordered from - are there any other companies known for resin bases I should order from? If not, we'll stick to the 8 companies listed below:


Dark Art Miniatures 

Elrik's Hobbies  

Micro Art Studio

Secret Weapon Miniatures

Tabletop Art Miniatures

Scibor Monstrous Miniatures



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