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Kristof65's new painting/gaming area

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My wife graciously allowed me to redo an area in our basement that was the previous owner's pool room as a gaming/painting area.  Finally got the walls reainted from their ugly green, and my cabinets and countertop for my painting station installed.  Oh, and TV with Roku installed.  Next up is the paint rack for my extensive collection of craft paints. 


The painting station:


Reaper paints are in the drawer to my immediate left.

My craft paint collection:



A Wire mesh cube rack from Amazon that I'll be converting to a wall mounted paint rack using 3d printed parts. 



My 3d printer churning out some of the standoffs I designed to mount the mesh:



And the first half dozen standoffs printed, and ready for wall mounting tomorrow:


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Love it!

Wish I had a dedicated painting area.

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Well, it turns out I am not finished mounting it yet, because it takes 3 hours to print each standoff, and I have 5 more to print. And then I have to print the caps for the standoffs to hold the wire in place. 



First panel mounted in place. 


First layer complete. 


First panel of the second layer put in place.  I can't really start putting paint in yet because I have to print the caps that will hold the second layer in place. 

I should have researched my wire panels better.  I was hoping that each panel would hold 77 bottles of paint (9x9 grid = 81 holes minus the four corner holes being unusable)  Turns out that the paints won't fit in the outer edges, so I effectively only have a 7x7 grid in each panel, or 49 bottles of paint.  That still winds up being 192 bottle worth, and I still have enough wall space to add another 96 in the future.   The smaller ones won't go entirely to waste, though - I'm sure I'll find other bottles of stuff to fit in there. Plus my son suggested I could design & print miniature drawers to hold bits and pieces if I really get ambitious. 

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The failed sump and nearly flooded basement set back my plans, but I managed to get a little bit more done on my paint rack.IMG_20180614_205652.thumb.jpg.1eef3892a8a1433281f216ce690de444.jpg

Five panels up and four complete with caps. Only three more to do.



Started throwing up some paints.


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Nice rack you got there...


Someone had to say it.


Is there enough room between the individual grates for you to hang blister packs?  That might be an option to help you utilize the space.

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On 6/15/2018 at 7:21 PM, strawhat said:

Is there enough room between the individual grates for you to hang blister packs?  That might be an option to help you utilize the space.


There is - but just barely. Need to figure out a way to throw a peg hook on there because that's a great idea. I figure I could get ten hooks, and hopefully get 3-4 blisters per hook.


The paint rack is finished, and my craft paints put up.



Next project is my game table.


I've got two 60" base cabinets that I've bolted back to back. On top of that I'm putting a 4x6 ft table top.




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Really nice setup. The wall mounted racks is a great idea.

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