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A friend of mine gave this to me to paint 

It's the first time working with a 3d printed figure.

  I wasn't sure if it would take paint or if I should smooth it out. 

  This is what it looks like now still working on it 


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Looks like a full color version of the holograms it does!  Excellent!


(Also brings to mind Pug/Tonberry, now that I look at him)

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It reminds me of a small statue I painted for my late grandmother many, many, many years ago. It was some sorta plastic-pvc thing with a set of those small pots on a strip with a brush set. Stick him on a big rock & they'd be identical. Nice work so far.

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As good as could be expected with the printing lines.

If you got a second one, I'd paint it as the hologram in all blue scale.



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    • By Sharkbelly
      Hey all, I've begun the process of re-basing some old WOTC Star Wars metal characters that I painted a while back. I've added a little height to each base, and now they will be more consistent with the new Star Wars Legion models. I hope you enjoy them.
      The first is the Cerean Jedi. This guy was my character in the Living Force campaign for many years.
      Next up is the Human Male Fringer.

      Last, for now, is a Warhammer 40K model that I painted up do be a human soldier.

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      Our next Kickstarter T-Shirt is ORIGINAL TRILOGY: Est. 1977. True Jedis know true quality. It is elegant apparel for a more civilized age. Wear. Or wear not. There is no try on. You can't strike a true original down, for it will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine. The Force of original fashion will be with you. Always. Some may call you a stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf-herder, but when it comes to a true original, they say, "I love it." We know. When this shirt you wear, the last word in fashion you will be. Fashion Force will run strong in you with this. Pass on what you have learned. Frills. Hmph. Excess. A Jedi craves not these things. This shirt may not look like much to some, but it's got it where it counts, kid.
      I'm in for one right now, but may add another, because this one is... just right...  
    • By strawhat
      It's not that I haven't been painting, I just haven't been posting.  I've actually completed some 40% of the Imperial Assault line since I started (focusing on what the Imperial player owns first).
      Ok, not much to say here.  Just the basics, really: Rainy Grey, Ghost White, and Pure White. Pure Black where needed.  The shields were done with the silver metallic triads (one triad per group).  The batons were a silver metallic triad and the gun metal metallics.  Not a lot of variety, but enough to spot the difference on the table.  I've thought about going back after the visor lenses with some Adamantium Black, but somehow that sounds like too much work and I'm eager to be done with the troopers.  So many troopers.  Sooo much white.
      I'm planning on continuing the hashes on all the bases--With a few exceptions, you really don't see many situations where you'll have anything more than the regular unit and the elite.  So paint one set of white marks on the regular and a set of red marks on the elites!  Unique characters get a solid base without a mark.
      @Cyradis, I know the pictures aren't great, but I used the masking tape for the marks on the bases.  I'd say it worked reasonably well, and came up easily even after making sure I had decent adhesion.  I reused the same few pieces for each base, so there's some durability there.  I would note, however, that the tape will work better if you have a large-ish and flat-ish area in which to work.  The tape went down easily, pulled up easily, and provided a reasonable edge.  Yes, I could clean it up a little, but at 3' away the little smudges aren't very visible.
      My next batch of minis will have something a little more suitable for testing the tape.  I've got a couple Dewbacks that will need more than just the standard dull green.
    • By Pochi
      My oldest son loves Star Wars probably more than I do. He has 3 children - a girl and a set of twins (girl and boy). When my kids were little, every year they received an ornament in their stocking. I thought that when they grew up and flew the nest, they would have some ornaments for their own Christmas trees. I decided to do the same for my grandkids and decided to make ornaments using the Mystic Warriors from Hasslefree. I am overall happy with how they turned out.

      There is no photo of "Leia" in the ornament yet as I haven't put her in it!)










    • By SGHawkins09
      This was my favorite project of 2017 due to how much I pushed my abilities in creating it. It was my first major conversion of this sort, first time doing texture, first major use of OSL, and first Sci Fi base built fully from scratch. So lots of firsts with this one. Those of you who followed my WIP thread know what I went through with this one;  the OSL dilemma, redoing the base, and sculpting new hands at the last minute. In all I am proud that I stepped out of my comfort zone and I cannot give enough thanks to those who posted in the WIP thread, your encouragement gave me the push that I needed.
      So this conversion is the result of critique I received at ReaperCon 2016 regarding my Open entry, it was to up the difficulty of my conversions. When I got home I went through the Reaper web store and found minis that I call "blank slates", ones that I felt would be a good base for multiple conversions. I found a few that sparked an idea but the one that I got stuck on was Anirion and how he would make the perfect Jedi. So he was the project I choose for my ReaperCon 2017 Open entry but I made myself focus on having fun with it and not worrying about it being perfect. When I was finished, I was extremely happy with the results but I knew that there were somethings that could be better. Knowing that, I was extremely surprised to find that I got a gold medal in Open and blown away when it was announced that I got the Open Silver Sophie. So again thank you to everyone who gave me feedback in the WIP thread.
      WIP thread: Wizard of a Different Sort: Anirion Conversion
      Conversion breakdown:
      -Reshaped hood and sleeves
      -Smoothed out cloak to remove border
      -Removed staff and bag?
      -Repositioned arms 
      -Added light saber out of styrene and metal piece
      -Added some strands of hair
      -Resculpted hands

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