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80006: Dita, Steampunk Witch

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Very nice.


Try using a more neutral background for your photographs. As the main colours for this figures are red and purple they will tend to look a little lost on the pinkish surface she is standing on. 

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Bout that .... It's actually a black background.....   the autocorrect color filter on my camera phone just does odd things like that on occassion ;;  Those were the best I had out of over a dozen >.>

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1 hour ago, Disserrma said:

Sadly the pics are a little washed out.


45 minutes ago, Disserrma said:

Bout that .... It's actually a black background


These things are related. Your camera looks at the scene and sets an exposure based on how much light it thinks there is. When you have a very dark background ("black" is generally considered "very dark" :poke:), the camera takes that as, "It's very dark out. I need to increase the exposure."


The result is that anything that isn't very dark is way overexposed. To fix this, you can use a manual exposure mode or negative exposure compensation. (I'd start at about -2 stops here and adjust until the result actually looks good.)


In an entirely unrelated note, and totally not an advertisement, I'm running a class on photographing minis at Reapercon this year. ::D:

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