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AoW - Barbarian Marauder Chief

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New wip ..while I am working on that base for the orc shaman and this guy ..I started him of course :)


Started to work on the skin, kind of sketchy stage for now , the sculpt is nice so better not messup that xd.

I experimented with purple ink underneath before applying my color, and not waiting for the ink to completely dry so it kind of mix with the paint.


I put in the picture my choice of color for that part , well for now.


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small progress on this guy, worked on a skin abot more and applied some base color for clothes..I am still undecided for some of other parts...thinking time :)


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    • By giyomuSan
      Finally , closing that project..was fun and learn quite a bit doing it.

    • By giyomuSan
      Finished this guy , so I can get him on the vignette with his Orc friend now...
      Not so happy with how end up the skin..need to work and practice more on having smooth layer for that kind of stuff :(
      Wip thread link, since there was one :
      And here the guy..

      Now time to finish that scenery !
    • By giyomuSan
      Posting this guy here since it's finished.
      No fancy base for him since it will go on the vignette , so I will certainly once put in there add couple stuff on that tiny base but for now I just make it so it mostly match the rest of the vignette ground ( see orc wip )
      Wip link :
      and the final pic ( played a bit to have other than white background xD )

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