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Drow Color Scheme for Waterdeep Drow

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So I've been painting stuff in anticipation of Waterdeep, and I'm working on a set of six Drow, since they'll probably come up at some point and I'll need them anyways. I want them to be pretty classic looking, but I don't want them to be overtly spider-themed, since there's a couple groups of Drow in Waterdeep that don't worship Lolth.


What do you guys think of this color sceme? Just something quick I knocked out - I'm trying not to spend too much time on these guys, just get something that'll look good on the table.




I think I like the red sash with the purple; mostly I'm wondering if the purple shirt with the darker armor is too much? I feel like they're not too close, but I'd appreciate any input...


Also, P3 Armor Wash is my favorite thing.

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I like it! I don’t think the purple shirt is too much. It’s a very different shade so it looks distinctive and separate. 


Also I love purple. 

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Red and purple are the main stay colors of most drow pics that you mostly see. So color wise there is nothing wrong with the sleeves. But for harmony purposes I would change the sleeves to a red color that way you have red (sleeves), purple (armor), red (slash), purple (bottom armor) while the red sleeves will also draw the attention to the face more than the purple with the dark grey complexion.

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