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03885 Dreadmere ranger -- improving on my initial speed-paint

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That one could easily pass as movie Strider aka Viggo Mortenson!! Nice work!

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This is an extremely useful post, Mr. Schubert!  One of the tricky things about studying completed figures to try and reverse engineer the paint job is that if it's done right, the blends and transitions mask the colours and placements so it's not always easy to tell how it got to where it wound up.  Because this is a speed paint and necessarily involved a more abstract approach, it shows placement and distinct highlight colour changes well. 


It's probably the best peek into the nuts and bolts of your method I've seen, because it shows a lot of why you did things. 


Thanks for posting it!  It's a lot easier to steal your secrets this way than to try and steal your brain.  Which is not only more convenient for me, but will also make Reapercon less awkward if I'm not chasing you down with a spoon.  Everybody wins! 

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Thanks for the comments so far.


@haldir: I deliberately made his hair auburn instead of dark brown to keep him from looking too much like Strider.  I guess I should have made his coat something other than dark green if I really wanted to avoid the comparison.


@buglips*the*goblin: Yes please, save the spoon for ice cream, not for Schubert brains.  Hope this is helping you, even though the hour-by-hour updates don't show exactly how and where and why I applied each brushstroke.


@Maglok: Thanks!  I'll be teaching two sessions of my "Painting Expressive Faces and Eyes" class at ReaperCon this year.


@Warlady: Glad you noticed that!  I had a hint of the reflection in the initial speed-paint, and it didn't take much new paint to enhance it.  I used Golden Skin, which is neutral in the abstract, but looks orange next to the gray-greens and gray-blues I used on the rest of the blade.


I worked for another hour-and-a-half this morning.   (Cumulative 5.5 hrs.)

This session: coat, bow, quiver, boots, basing, wood of the torch, and firelight.

The coat kept getting lighter overall, because my half-tone smoothing layers mostly covered the darker color.  I needed to glaze the shadows back in and will do more of that.

I also glazed the laces of the tabard to "flip" them from lighter than the tabard (maybe made of thread/cloth) to a darker brown (leather).  I'll need to go darker still, but keep the light highlights because leather should be shinier than cloth.

Here's how he looks:


03885_DreadmereRanger_dks_WIP4_front-1000h.thumb.jpg.9fd9544d16e8d4c5c17750bdd45394a1.jpg  03885_DreadmereRanger_dks_WIP4_rear-1000h.thumb.jpg.9da60b5353a4dd8eaf9d9a2605d93c25.jpg


The blanket will be next.  That's the only big thing I haven't touched up.




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Another 90-minute session this evening (cumulative 7 hours).

Plaid blanket, more work on the boots and base, texturing, glints.

I've thought about freehanding some stitching or embroidery on the coat or tabard (especially if it looked damaged/frayed), but I can call him done for now. 


03885_DreadmereRanger_dks_WIP5_front-1000h.thumb.jpg.2755ae747c780cc0be0207a80a7ee533.jpg  03885_DreadmereRanger_dks_WIP5_rear-1000h.thumb.jpg.f082c178858945ae9585b1d7b2ade102.jpg


And here's this shot against a gray background, so you can see the blue-green color of the sword blade a little better:




Here is the "before" and "after" comparison, side-by-side:


03885_DreadmereRanger_dks_WIP1_front-1000h.thumb.jpg.d9bf24a5e074a1a0448ac2d81d034a91.jpg  03885_DreadmereRanger_dks_WIP5_front-1000h.thumb.jpg.b3049d4bfa1d3d23be438aaf20f7a812.jpg


Thanks for looking,


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