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Nagyr - Iron Cobras x5 + Lore

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In the furthest southmost corner of the broad farming nation Kuur, there is a forest much like any other; a deep and verdant wild of elm and spruce known as the Murrain. At its center lies an ancient temple long lost to time - the forgotten home of a dead god.


It has been a long time since Kairus walked the halls of his ancient Forge; his body rusts, now, and rots eternal, strewn across the broken artifice of his last and greatest creation. The Wyrm Engine, half-ruined, is silent, now; no longer does it crack with lightning and the souls of dragons. Even the Wyrmgear slumbers, mostly, waking only when Kairus' lesser creations call upon him. The green earth has reclaimed the stones of this forgotten place: ivy lines the walls, and the glass ceilings long ago burst open, letting the rain and sun in to dance across the stonework of the entry hall. The air, once thick with smoke, is now sweet with the scent of dark earth.


But there is a serpent in this ancient eden.


Not all of Kairus' great works slumber. The Nagyr yet endure, his assassins and spies - slender beasts of coiling metal and blistering venom forged in iron and bronze. They coil through the overgrowth, all but invisible, and weave their age-old paths through the darkened hallways of Kairus' Forge, guarding it as they always have - and as they always will.



Kairus' Forge is an adventure for 4-6 players between levels 6-8 that I wrote a while back, and have run several times. The party has to stop a wizard from activating the Wyrm Engine, stripping several dragon eggs of their souls, and using that power to become a god.They've been geased by the mother, and they die if they don't; it's a whole thing.


It's got a couple of cool monsters; the Hunters of Kairus, giant metal tigers of murder, a Wyrmgear/clockwork dragon, and these guys: the Nagyr. They're metal serpents, pretty standard, but they do a couple of cool things:


- inflict Poison on party members. Not a high DC, but fun for ambushing wizards.

- have an ability that lets them become invisible (DC30 to Perceive) in other clockwork

- provide the Hunter of Kairus who they're hiding in Advantage because of the Hunter's Pack Tactics


They're a great little murderous beastie, and unlike Iron Cobras, they travel in groups, so you can be fighting a lot of them, potentially without knowing it.


I got some of the minis a while ago, and have been putting off doing them, so I finally said broccoli it and painted them all this morning.




Badabam! These guys were a little weird to base - too large for a 1" round, but way too small for a large, and too small for a cavalry base also. What I wound up doing was just going with the 1" base anyways, and building out to the brocoli, which is quite thick. I stippled in the same texture with a toothbrush, and it looked pretty much perfect once it was primed.





The sneks themselves I hit with a basecoat of Dark Elf Shadow, before doing the silver in Model-Color Silver and the belly in Heavy Gear Gamma Shielding Gold. The spines I tapped with Big Top Red, before giving the back a wash in P3 Armor Wash (which is the best wash I've ever used) and the belly and spines a hit of Game Color Umber Wash. Tapped in the eyes and gems, and called it a day - I just wanted them painted at this point, I wasn't looking for anything special.


I'm pretty pleased with how they came out - I've still got to re-blacken the bases, but other than that, they look good from a distance, which was the whole goal!


I've got a lot to do before Reapercon, so here's crossing my fingers I can have a few more sessions like this where I just bang stuff out!



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Good stuff. I like the gems and the bloody look on some of the knife frills. You have me thinking about ordering some of that P3 armor wash. 

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