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Golden dragon of chaos in blue

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Definitely a Worthwhile min!  Nicely done in blue.  That whole series is a marvoluous array of artwork.  

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$5??? That's a treasure you found!

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3 hours ago, Pineapple said:

Nice find! I really like the tone of those blues, what paints did you use?


It really was!

Mostly Reaper paints;

-void blue

-breonne blue

-sapphire blue

-oceanic blue

-serf aqua

-frost blue

The deeper folds and muscles were washed with Citadel shades. Agrax earthsade and Nuln oil.

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Fantastic paint job!!


Also, congrats on finding buried treasure. I never seem to have this kind of luck whenever I stop into those types of places.

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    • By 72moonglum
      Good morning everybody!
      So just finished painting this one Friday I think, and getting around to posting him. This one I think is one of Ral Partha's older Citadel crossovers, where something happened wherein Partha had to rescuplt new versions of some Citadel pieces. I think this was probably one of them not sure of the actual origin, and really not sure of the sculptor. I think It's Bob Charette, because there are similar faces with some other minis, but this is yet to be confirmed.
      Anyhoos, fun figure to paint, not a super svelte, big-boobed super model, and a very flat figure, but fun armor, shield and personality. Color choice as always was a big issue, had no idea what colors to do her. She got tanned skin because I was painting her with some other figures, plus she's a warrior, so she probably runs around outside a lot.  The red hair?  Why not is the only answer I can come up with.
      The hardest part of this one, was her upper lip, because she really didn't have much of one.  So hope that turned out okay.  
      In any case, enjoy!

    • By 72moonglum
      Hello guys and gals,
      here's a new figure I just finished, a Ral Partha figure from the eighties, a female warrior, kind of a bit barbaric, with axe and shield.  As Always, deciding just simple things like colors were kind of more time consuming than they should have been.  I did her hair black because I'd seen the same model very nicely painted and done blonde and didn't want to copy. This was sculpted by the great Julie Guthrie, sculpting goddess.

      Also had no idea what color the shield should have been so eventually and randomly chose green!   Anyhoos, enjoy!
    • By 72moonglum
      So continuing on with my theme of black pants and clothing, and trying to stay in certain color schemes to make my life a tad more efficient, here is the other Monk/Martial Artist I finished basing last night. He has the same black pants more or less that the Brue Lee figure had, also nunchuks, and also ready to beat a wrongdoer into submission.  This one is from the Hackmaster line that Ral Partha has brought back, sculpted in 2003 (I checked the bottom before I put him on his base) by Jim Johnson.  Another fun and simple figure, not too many dingly danglies, just a man, his pants, a European shoulder bag, and a few weapons.

      I kind of wish his wrist bands had turned out a little bit better metalwise, but oh well, he's done and I'm not going back, too many things pending...
    • By 72moonglum
      So from my painting fervor, this is the third miniature I finished this last week, and I think my favorite.  I actually took pictures of him yesterday to post, but when I looked at the pictures close up, I noticed he actually had a blade of grass on his head, right where his hair part was, so ended up having to re-photograph him. 
      This figure came from the Ral Partha/Iron Wind Metals Chaos Wars Kickstarter and Tom Meier sculpted up two new elves for them, in the 25 mm scale that the other elves were done in (other figures that he had sculpted  30-40 years ago).  There was a comparable figure he had done that was also and elf with an axe and shield that some day I'd like to paint as well, but here is his modern version of it. 

      I really wanted to give his hair and skin a pale, ethereal look and wanted the colors too to not be to harsh with the clothing and weapons.  I was surprised that he ended up actually being a pretty easy figure to paint, despite the small size.  The only difficult part of this mini in all honesty was his eyes, which Tom Meier kind of made "proportionate", so they weren't exaggeratedly large like lots of figures are sculpted with.  This has both good and bad parts. The good of course is you have a beautifully proportionate figure, the bad of course if you have to see what you can do with this little pindrops of eyes.  I think I actually managed to do okay with them.  I considered eye brows but then in the end decided against it, figuring in theory they would be such a light color they would hardly show anyway. 
      And to give you a size of this miniature, here's a comparison shot against a US quarter:

      After painting this figure, it really puts me in the frame of mind that I'd like to paint more of Meier's contemporary stuff, like what he's done for Dark Sword for example.  

    • By 72moonglum
      Hi guys!
      So I've had a bit of time this week to do quite a bit of painting, so here is one of three figures I've finished recently.  It's another one of the Hackmaster figures recently acquired by Partha, a Cleric sculpted by Jim Johnson back in 2003.  As always, hardest thing to figure out was the color scheme, but I think  it kind of worked out reasonably well.

      Chain mail is kind of a pain it seems, because as many times I gave them a coat and a wash, I can still see some little wholes.  Oh well, must just accept it!
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