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11 hours ago, pinkymadigan said:

Oh, the tubs on top of the first picture are all unassembled, left is Bones, right is sprues. And there's an AoS starter kit under the desk behind the blue/grey tackle box, which holds several hundred unassembled Skaven.


I have a problem.

I don't see a problem either other than "not enough time to fully enjoy them, as well as submit to the joyous cries of Warpstone fuelled battle cries!"  (which reminds me, I should work on my Skaven, even if it's "just" work on assembling them...) 

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Very impressive and exciting!  Having a new workstation, especially one you designed on your own must fell amazing.  


I recently built a new paint rack and rearranged my work area and it felt great!  I could really use a whole new desk and work area but I don't think the wife will approve that but I am keeping my fingers crossed. 

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