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Janice, the goat

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So do they, but the goat seems to be involved in a curse a court wizard (gnome) from a pirate queen has, as the pair seems to be taken by a bunch of vampires who are from the clan of one of the PCs father and blablablabla. :) Just think of them getting the goat across the entire dungeon. :) It shall be glorious!

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I now have an idea for a diorama.  Just need the Bone 4 Blacktooth Terror.

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Ha, I can see that. I should set up a scene of the goat, in a summoning circle facing a dragon or some such. ;) My players are being quite paranoid about this weird goat!

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You need to throw in a couple situations where they need to get past something using stealth, and the goats gnome-leg keeps clomping on the stone floor,  it won't stop bleating, etc.

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      Presenting a Dwarf Engineer from Stonehaven, having recently backed their second Dwarf kickstarter, I thought I'd better finish what I got from their first many moons ago.
      This one is a bit rough around the edges, I didn't put much effort into prepping my minis in ye olden days, plus he's been partially painted and stripped at least a couple of times by this point, but I think he turned out okay.
      As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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      Anyway that puts me up to a dozen, so I should be able to run two war bands and get a game on the table relatively soon, even if just as a solo.


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