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A LOTR inspired orc army for Dragon Rapant

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This will be mostly Oathmark Goblins but I've also got some of Tre's Bones orcs for the bigger warriors and also some Bones Ogres that will serves as trolls.  By LotR inspired I mostly mean that they won't be bright green.  


I've already painted some of GW's Fenrisian Wolves to be the Wargs.  




The blond one and the little black one were inspired by my brother's dogs.  My nephews totally missed the joke when they fought against these guys in our D&D game.  

So disappointing...


I'm trying to work out how to do the orcs skin.  I'm trying to match the Green Ocher scheme I used on my 10mm orcs.


First attempt:



Second attempt was using Sepia liner as the shade color.  It also has brighter highlights but the gloss sealer basically simulates that in the first photo.


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Those Fenrisian are pretty spectacular sculpts.  I have another box but since my nephew that paints seemed very interested in them I  might have to buy yet another box.

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Messing around with cloth colors.

Bone color with a sepia wash.  I've got to say that while this pic makes his sword look like the best weathering I've ever done, sadly I can't say it made any such impression while I was painting it. 


A pale olive green

Hmmmm, I'd say the main thing I've learned in the last few years is to be bolder with color than I'm normally comfortable with.   But wanting these to be LotResque is working against that now.  


What should I try next?  Maybe a dirty orange-brown?

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That orange ends up looking like something in the tanned leather spectrum, so looks good to me...

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Nice job so far; they look grimy like they do in the movies.

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Getting started on the archers




Armor is Vallejo Air Rust dry-brushed over Red Liner (which seems purple to my eye...).  Skin is just base coated with Sepia Liner.

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Did the metal, skin and some basecoats on the spear orcs:




For the shields, I was thinking of black with symbols freehanded on them similar to what I did with my 10mm orcs but the bosses would really get in the way of that.   Hmmmmm.

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When I showed off those archers to some of my friends they immediately said something along the lines of "Oh!  Those are for Lord of the Rings?", so I guess I"m on the right track.


Threw some finished up the base coats and then threw on some washes.



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