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Grenadier Red Dragon II

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This was another ina large collection of oldies that my high school friends gave me. Trying to make the scales look like garnets or rubies. Please critique!





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I can see it being a garnet dragon. You have those scales looking pleasantly rounded; garnets form d24s, which look like little balls when small ^_^

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Almost done!  Please critique, especially re: face OSL. And should I leave black stones unhighlighted or drybrush some yellow/orange around the edges?








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On the OSL, what is your light source?  Are you trying to show the heat from a soon to come fire blast?  I think my biggest issue is with the tip of the nose.  if you were to darken the nose back to normal coloration with maybe some color just above the lips but fading quickly, that would help the effect.  Same thing with the beard.  I think if you dimmed down the areas in the front that are slanted away from the mouth you would have a much improved effect. 


On the plus side the eyes and back of the mouth are extrordinary!  really nice job bringing out the internal lighting effect!  Keep up the good work, looking forward to the next update

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