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As the title suggests, I wanted to say Hello to everyone, I am Justin the staff video/content creator and Photographer.


I wanted to make a post introducing myself and to open a dialogue about future videos we may be in the process of making!


Please if you would, post any suggestions on this thread as to things you feel as if we could do better, or what sort of content YOU guys want to see next!


Thanks for being an awesome fan base and I look forward to hearing from everybody!


-Reaper Justin



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Nice to meet you Justin. 

How about a video or two explaining some of the different kinds of paint products Reaper makes, and possibly even demonstrating their uses. You could talk about Bones Ultra-Colors, MSP, liners, washes, inks, clears, MSP metallics vs Bones metallics, pearl, and additives. I'm not saying to cover everything. Just throwing out some suggestions. I've seen a lot of people ask questions about different paint lines, additives and types of paints. It might be helpful to have a video link for them. Sort of a FAQ about Reaper paint. 


If that topic is too challenging, how about a video with suggestions on how to paint large figures with brushes. I've seen a lot of videos suggesting to use an airbrush, but that isn't an option for most painters. Advice about what kinds and sizes of brushes work well for large dragon wings or terrain like the mausoleum would be great. Techniques on shading or blending on those big surfaces with brushes would also be useful. 

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We actually have a few paint video ideas being tossed around the studio, none like those though. I appreciate the suggestion, any sort of content our audience wants to see is what we'll prioritize. I especially like the idea of a detailed large mini painting demonstration. 

Thank you Coralline! 

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