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Midlam Miniatures - The Village of the Witches

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Nice, going all in next week, I do believe. ::):


My one complaint - I would have loved to see the Witch Hunter as a stretch goal, as stretching witches is his goal.


The Auld Grump - or maybe even a witch version of the Witch Hunter as a second stretch goal....

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As someone that wasn't familiar with Midlam before I started following/backing their Kickstarters I have to say I have really enjoyed the ones they've done.


I can't quite put my finger on it, but there is a great style to the sculpts. Perhaps because they're not plain, but not EPIC either. Just really great minis for regular game play.


The quality of the metal casts is quite good as well. I keep thinking "this is the last Kickstarter I'll back because I really don't need more minis", but each time they manage to prove me wrong and come up with a rather enticing theme.


Regarding how they run their Kickstarters I also like that they keep it small and focused.

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Those are really cool and pretty cheap. I backed for the witches, let’s hope that stretch goal gets reached, I like that witch hunter. ^_^

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Wish I had the funds for this one.  It seems appropriate I had just wrapped up Drustvar in the new World of Warcraft expansion at the same time these launched...hidden witches is a big theme there.

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Well, I am still wrapping up my Bones 4 pledge (last 25 bucks yah!), so my monthly budget of $50.00 is a little looser this month (but not much), so I pledged for just two minis:( Probably Hobson and the abbess.  Have to save some money for my FB reaper entries, so that's why the small pledge for this.

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