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Chris Palmer

Hagglethorn Hollow

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1 hour ago, redambrosia said:

Oh butterscotch. I knew I recognized the name. I saw the video they did showing this stuff off... I thought they were selling them as 3D print files though (not that I have a 3D printer...)



Over on the other Hagglethorn thread, it was mentioned that they decided to break it into 3 Kickstarters: Village, Trees, and 3D files; after the video was posted.




And Wowza! Those Prices!  

That's got to be a vey limited market they're appealing to.



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If they end up offering the 3d files, I'll probably pick up at least the tavern.  Seems like they all come painted unless otherwise selected. I'm surprised the unpainted versions are not that much cheaper though.

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2 hours ago, lexomatic said:

Can we get a thread  merge. And also. Out of my price range.


And out of my price range too.

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These are gorgeous but well out budget for my wallet. 

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I figured it would be pricey, but I wasnt expecting it to be this pricey. 


The 3D printer files might get me to join that part of the hobby, but I can't justify this one.

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While these are a well thought out and well crafted product they are very pricey, especially when compared with the number of already fullfilled or fulfilling Kickstarters for similar products.  The already completed KS are available at sites such as Drive-Thru RPG.

By the time shipping from half-way around the world is added on these are just too expensive to even consider, at least for me, and we don't have heavy financial responsibilities such as raising children to consider.

If they were to offer just .stl files at a competitive price with what is already on the market they might be worth considering.

Addendum: I see they have blown past their target funding with ease, for which I say Congratulations.  I wonder how many of these pledges blow out when people get the actual bill for shipping?


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Don't know if this has been posted yet so sorry if this is a duplicate.






Hagglethorn Hollow is an immersive fantastical setting, which you can customize to create your ideal tabletop gaming scenario. Using its towering components with its unique mix and match construction system, you can build and rebuild your town for a new adventure every time that you play. 

Each individual piece has been hand-sculpted by TTG creative director Johnny Fraser-Allen - who brings more than 15 years experience as a professional sculptor in the film industry. Choose from unpainted or hand-painted highly detailed models produced in high quality resin.


 *Prices shown are the approx. NZD to USD conversions. See Pledge levels for exact pricing.  


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