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Batch 3: Biting Off More Than I Can Chew?


Now that the Giant Spider and Ghost King are in Show Off, I present the next victims...


The remaining statutes, tombs, pillars, and coffin from the Graveyard Expansion. 


Armorcast resin Gothic Walls that I undercoated a long time ago and never got back to. These and the Graveyard stuff should go relatively quickly.


Ghost, Vampire, and Witch once again represented.


As are Spiders and Werewolves. Not pictured is 77261 Nabassu or Bat Demon, but he's in this batch too. Now for Super Happy Prepping Time!

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And so it begins...


Pavement Grey for everything!


The Bat Demon and the Spiders got a coat of Ebony flesh over the furry bits. The Spiders were given a light dose of Black Wash beforehand.


The metal figures all received their undercoats.


The werewolf is also the focus of an experiment. 


Many years ago I tried to use plumber's putty for terrain and found that it cracked and fell off at the slightest provocation. So I thought I'd give this stuff a try and now have something of the opposite problem. Despite having matte sealer and a coat of paint applied to it, the sample at the bottom of his base is still malleable. As currently used it isn't too much of a problem, but I had plans to utilize it on a larger scale. So if anyone has any knowledge regarding how to work with this stuff I'd appreciate some advice.

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I can't help you with the new stuff, but, with the plumber's epoxy putty, not all putties are the same. I have been using Master Plumber's Epoxy Putty from True Value/Ace for the last twenty five or so years without any problems.

It does dry in about five minutes, SO you have to be quick. 

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The rain the last day or so has put me more in a napping than a painting mood, but some progress has been made anyway. The gothic walls and graveyard bits have had a thinned black wash put over them. Not that exciting so no pics. 


The spiders have been gone over in Stormy Grey, Dirty Bone, and Pure Black. Their leg tips I'm saving to last so I have a place to hold them. In front is one of the base bits that came with them, with Dirty Bone and brown wash on the skulls. I'm leaving the wrapped portions of the victims as is with the black wash over them as it provides a nice webbing effect. Not in view is the arm holding a sword, which were also painted in. I'm not basing these guys, so the victims will just be a nice scenery bit. The other base topping that came with them is a patch of ground, which I'm saving for another project.


The Bat Demon has Stormy Grey on his skin, Pure Black on his claws, face and wings, and Dirty Bone on his head crest and teeth. After I get him done and sealed, I might have to dip him in boiling/freezing water again to try and get him more upright. 

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Finally some progress has been made!

The Gothic Walls are done.


The tombs and monuments are mostly done, all they need is a light sponging with white. One of the columns still needs the light grey applied and both need some work with the bones.


The witch has had a coat of thinned Fair Shadow applied.


And another project has appeared on the table, a gift for one of my mother's friends. 



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I finally got back into the swing of things and the graveyard pieces are finished, although the pillars still need to be matte sealed.


Also got some more work done on the bat demon. Rainy Grey/Stormy Grey mix on the skin, then a wash of Stormy Grey over it and Brown Wash and drybrush of Dirty Bone on the crest. 


The Stormy Grey wash might have been a mistake, toning down the lighter grey far more than I expected, but I'm waiting until he dries before reaching any conclusions. Next up gratuitous pumpkin shot!


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The Bat Demon and the pillars are drying from the sealer and further progress has been made.

The Witch has had a layer of Fair Shadow/ Fair Skin mix applies and the back of her cloak based in Pure Black. 


Jesse Moonwalker got his fur based in Ebony Flesh, which is the first time in awhile I've used a non grey on wolves or wolf like creatures! But other than grey fatigue, this will help when it comes time to paint his vest and shorts. I went with the non mechanical arm for him, it's being painted seperately and will be glued on after the side of the vest is done.


The Female Wraith got a wash of Copper Verdigris applied over her skin.


And the Vampiress got her base coat of Vampiric Shadow.


and I forgot her hands it seems...d'oh!


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Jesse Moonwalker's skin has been based in Dark Highlight, which I'll also be drybrushing the fur with after dinner. I'm still debating whether to use Oiled Leather or Harvest Brown as the highlight mix.


The Vampiress has had a light coat of Rainy Gray applied to her nightgown, and Pure Black on the corset and eyes. Her hair, cloak and bat will also get based in black, I was merely using up what was already on the palette. 


Selmarina's shirt was also based in Rainy Gray, and her eyes are Golden Glow. I also added a highlight of Pale Flesh to her skin. While dotting her eyes, my aim was off when doing the one closer to her staff. While fixing this, the Pure Flesh got a bit muddled and thick, by the time I tried to smooth it out it had already dried. Upon reflection it looks like some manner of scar tissue. I've decided to just run with it as it gives her a certain personality and with the yellow eyes, she wasn't intended to be a kindly or friendly witch anyways. 


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Morning of the Flesh Tones is upon us.

The Female Wraith was subjected to highlights of various Copper Verdigris/Maggot White mixes and a final touchup of pure Maggot White. Her robes were washed with a watered down Rainy Grey.I may go back and add pure Copper Verdigris to her eyes.


Selmarina was highlighted Pale Skin/Pale Highlight, then pure Pale Highlight. Her skirt and hat got two coats of Gem Purple. 


Siobhana was done in the Vampire Skin Triad. After the base coat, I applied a wash of Frosty Blue which doesn't seem to have shown much. I based her inner cloak with Red Gore and her little friend had some Ebony Flesh based on his fur. 



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I've been concentrating on Siobhana this morning, Silvervane's WIP having somewhat fired the competitive juices. (Silvervane's has a nice 1960s Hammer film vibe, I went more for a Von Carstein.)


Not the best picture I've taken. Her inner cloak was highlighted with a Red Gore/Fresh Blood mix, then with pure Fresh Blood. Her corset and boots were highlighted in a Stormy Gray/Dragon Blue/Pure Black mix, the bat received a dabbing of Dark Highlight on his fur and his skin with Stormy Gray. Her base was the usual stonework combo of Black Wash, Stormy Gray, and Rainy Gray, with the dirt being Steel Legion Drab and Brown Wash. 


Her outer cloak is a layer of Nightfall craft paint with a light Black Wash over it to blend it in. The back of the bat's wings were lightly drybrushed with Pavement Grey. All that remains is her hair and some highlights on her dress which will be a Linen White/Rainy Grey mix followed by pure Linen White. Selmarina's shirt also needs this, as does the Female Wraith, so I'll probably get the hair done first. 


Selmarina's base also received attention to the stonework, and I added some Red Gore to the skirt, which looks odd now but I'm hoping that once I get the gold applied to it it'll blend in better. I'm also planning on a red gem in her staff, as well as the cover of the book matching it as well. 


The last of the Stromy Gray I had on the palette was drybrushed onto her base. I'm tempted to give her robes yet another Rainy Gray wash to darken the shadows further. 

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I won't lie, you WIP helped me decide which figure I was going to work on.  All 3 of these have been on my I want to paint list. Though, admittedly that list is rather long.

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