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One of the reasons I started this thread was that I'd hoped that others would be working on the same figures for the season. A mutual enablement if you will. On some of them details can be tricky to identify and seeing what others have done often helps. 

Siobhana's now finished and waiting for the matte sealer to dry, so next up is the Female Wraith, who is now getting a bit of a banshee vibe.


Although difficult to see in the picture, her eyes have been done in a Copper Verdigris/Viper Green mix. I decided to use part of the Red Hair Triad instead of the Grey/Black I'd originally intended so as to not only go well with the eyes, but to have a bit of contrast as well. 

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Finally got back to the painting table, and spent much of my time there doing a muppet flail.


Started off well enough, the staff was based in a Sample Green/Rainy Gray mix, Pavement Gray highlights added to her cloak, and Druchii Violet wash added to her skirt, hat and the red thing. Her hair got some Black Wash.


Now the flailing begins.


I left her hat as is, but added a Gem Purple/Witchcraft Purple mix to her skirt, which looked odd to me but I ignored the panicked voice in my head and wound up going full Witchcraft Purple on it. I also added the same mixes to her orb and tried topping it off with Breast Cancer Awareness Pink. This gave me not the Grapefruit Orb of Maerlyn from the Dark Tower, but instead an evil ice cream sort of thing. When the panic subsides, I'll try a Witchcraft Purple glaze or three to tone it together.

Her staff fell victim to my usual "when in doubt, hit it with the Brown and/or Black Wash until it stops squirming" mode of thought and her cloak got hit with Black Wash on general principal. Later I picked out the staff with a Sample Green/Stormy Gray mix which nicely conveys "old gnarled evil wood", so I'm rather happy with it. The pages of the book got a base of Dirty Bone. 


Other than the bluriness of the picture, the Black Wash tied things together nicely.


Evil Ice Cream Orb. I'm not paticularly practiced in either gems or pink like colors so fixing this is going to be interesting. 


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After having consulted several reference works, I went over the orb with BCA Pink, then a wash of Witchcraft Purple. This was followed by a pattern of BCA Pink glaze dabbed over it, and a BCA Pink/Pure White mix glaze dabbed in the lighter areas. A very light going over with the Witchcraft Purple Wash and I now have something closer to a tie dyed lawn orb than an evil ice cream blob. 


I also finished the gem in the staff and did some spot applications of Brown Wash and Dirty Bone, the book was done in Red Gore and Black Wash as I wished to return to my comfort zone after dealing with those scary pink mixes. 


Assuming my motivation holds out I may have her done tomorrow and can then start on the much neglected werewolf.

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Selmarina is finished and as I'm waiting for the sealer to dry I got going on the werewolf's fur. 


First drybrush was pure Dark Highlight, then a 50/50 mix with Oiled Leather, then pure Oiled Leather, then 75/25 Oiled Leather/Rainy Gray, then a light dusting with pure Stormy Gray. I'm hoping once I get started on his skin, the fur won't look quite so dull.



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The Werewolf's skin is finished in a combination of Leather Brown, Bronzed Flesh, and a Dark Highlight tint to tie it back towards the fur. 




The fur also received a light drybrushing of Oiled Leather/Pure White mix. 

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With the skin and fur out of the way, everything else seems to be coming together quite quickly.


His eyes are Highlight Orange with a Golden Glow dot, the shotgun and belt are Blackened Steel and Harvest Brown.


His vest was a Heather Blue base, then a Heather Blue/Stone Gray mix highlighted on, a thinned Black Wash, followed by A light drybrushing of Heather Blue and a Heather Blue/Pure White mix. His pants are Stone Gray base, Black Wash, Stone Gray Highlight, and a drybrushing of Stone Gray/Pure White mix. I also went over his hat in Pure Black to fix the earlier invasion by the fur drybrushing. His feather is done in Gore Red.

Fun Bit of Synchronicity: In the movie Werewolves On Wheels, the gang encounters a gas station owner who is wearing this exact same hat but with a smaller feather! So it will be painted the same as his.



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With the Werewolf close to done, and before I get caught up in the freehanding on him, I present the next crop of victims. 


The Undying Lords are drying from their bath in the kitchen. The difficult part will be resisting the urge to paint several of them as Lord of the Rings characters. 


I don't remember offhand who made the Witch on the far left, but I've had her for awhile and her base is already finished. (I'll look it up later)

The Barrow Wardens in the center behind the Pumpkin Minions will be receiving a head swap to create Pumpkin Knights. The Barrow Warden on the left might as well, I'm leery of dealing with his chain coif. On the far right is Elise the Witch. All of my unpainted Witches had received a Simple Green bath a few weeks ago when I discovered some flaking in their undercoating, I'll be doing the same most likely for the Witch Hunters which shall be next month's theme. 

Hopefully I can get these done over the next 7 days without loss of motivation. There's still quite a few more Horror minis patiently waiting in their blisters, but if nothing else they'll be the beginning of next year's Halloween marathon. 

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The Pumpkin Knights are assembled!

This was my first time attempting a head replacement and it seemed to go ok except for the one on the left who had some plumber's putty stuffed into a very large gap on his sword arm side. 


Is it normal to apologize to the minis before doing this sort of thing? Because I did. 


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In between more naps than I anticipated I managed to get base and undercoats on everyone.


The Witches are going to be put aside until I can get the Undying Lords finished off. The one on the left had a mold line across her face that I may need to file down a bit more and they both are going to be difficult little time sinks, since they'll be my first attempt at painting sheer clothing.


The Pumpkin Knights will be my first attempt at colored armor, at least the middle and right one will be. The fellow on the left will be done in the usual metallics.


The Minotaur should be fairly straightforward assuming I can get the Hasut Copper to behave itself. The Lord of Death has a slight difference in tone due to my mixes of Red Gore/Pure Black coming out slightly differently, but they should blend together ok once the washes and highlights are added.


The Elf and Halfling are done in Russet Brown, Auburn Shadow, and Pale Buckskin for an Autumnal vibe. The Dwarf is in a mix of Pine Green/Pure Black, Ebony Flesh, and Russet Brown, as I didn't want him to either look too much like Gimli or the Coffee Dwarves. 

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Well, Halloween will be extending a little further this year...

The Undying Lords are done and should appear in Show Off at some point today. The Witches are as of yet no further along, but progress has been made on the Pumpkin Knights.


The Green one in the center is closest to completion, needing only a final highlight on his armor and his head. The one on the right just needs work on his tabard, head and sword, and the one on the left still needs highlighting on everything. Hopefully I can get them done today.

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The Pumpkin Knights are in Show Off, and the remaining Witches will be followed up in November's thread. Now for some gratuitous victory shots!


The Invasion of the Mantle.


Vampires, Knights, and Spirits.


Witches, Spiders, Goats, and Wolves.


Bats and Skeletons.

While I bit off more than I should have regarding the amount of terrain, (gray fatigue derailed my urge to paint for longer than it should have), I'm glad I made an effort to represent all manner of creature during the Countdown as it allowed not only a pleasing and varied display at the end, but also helped in maintaining motivation. While I wish I'd gotten more done than I did, I still finished about 40 minis in a month and a half to a standard I'm happy with. 

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    • By DocPiske
      After missing last year I'm back. Good thing I started painting in August, just finished these last weekend!
      First up, a banshee (77096 Labella DeMornay, Banshee). Not too happy with this one, still working on finding just the right way to use the translucent Bones. I like how the dress turned out, though.


      Next up, 77097 Grave Wraith. Happier with this one, but still not quite right:

      Next, another pumpkin golem, 03708 Freddie, the Pumpkin Horror. I think I'm only missing one now.

      And what is Halloween without a spooky tree (03692 Halloween Tree):

      Keeping with the pumpkin theme, here is the Halloween Knight, 01449. Color scheme shamelessly stolen from the mobs in Scholomance in World of Warcraft.


      And finally, Halloween herself, 01450 All Hallow's Eve. She came out a bit more shiny than I intended.


      Happy Halloween everyone!
    • By Metalchaos
      Reaper Miniatures 03716 Ghouls sculpted by Bob Ridolfi and old school RAFM 02953 Ghoul Warlock.
      I painted these in August for a D&D encounter but I had to repaint them because the varnish has created a white fume all over the models when I sealed them. It probably happened to many of you as well. It was the third time I wasted painted models because of that undesirable fume without being able to put my finger on the reason why. I think I now know why it happen.
      Trick or treat : A true horror story
      It was very humid outside that last August. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to shelter myself in the basement while I was speed painting some exquisite Reaper Miniature models. Late that day, as I was done painting a hand full of Undead models, I decided to seal them with that half-full / half-empty "you choose" can of anti shine matt varnish. It's important to mention that I had already used that very same spray can a month earlier.
      This being said, after shaking the spray can for a good minute or so, I opened the basement door leading into the backyard. Immediatly, a draft of hot and humid air invaded the doorway and shook my face. I remember swearing when I felt the moisture condensing to beads of sweat on my skin. Without losing a second, wanting to get back to shelter in my man cave, I spray some figurines. In the darkness of the night, everything seemend to be allright under the dim light of the portico.
      The day after, I noticed the damage. By a terrible curse, the models I spayed the night before were covered with a thin, powdery layer of white dust. I gazed around looking for sneering Gremlins but saw nothing unusual. Disconcerted, I became aware of the extent of the damage. There has to be a logical explanation behind this ghouly phenomenon.
      As much as I like science fiction and horror stories, I had to find a scientific explanation to all this madness. Wasting other models by this evil spell was not an option. I reused the same spay can to make a test. The only parameter that seemed to be different was the fact that it was very humid and hot outside the night before.
      I did not want to ruin hours of time spent painting another model to do this test. So, I sprayed a colored cardboard. Furthermore, I made an exception to the sanitary rule and used the spray can inside. The result was surprising. Even though I was using the same spay can, there was no fume this time. Since then, I've been reusing that same spry can on other models whitout any problem.
      What happened that draid August night? Was it the imps playing tricks on me or just the excessive difference of temperature and the heavy humidity in the air catched by the aerosol varnish? I will probably never know but one thing is for sure, I will always test my spray can on an expendable object before spraying my art.















    • By SparrowMarie
      So, for October this year I'm going to attempt to paint a mini a day. This will take the place of Minivember probably from now on. November's have just become too busy for me to feasibly paint everyday. This will be called All Minis Eve! I am currently in the process of making an advent calendar for October. I'll post how I'm doing it and progress, I hope to have it done before October so I can kick things off this year. 
      How it works: I have tons of minis laying around so unless you want to or don't have enough (is that a problem around here?) minis you won't need to buy any (unless you want to). You will need 31. Once the calendar is assembled 1 mini will go in each felt pouch and you pull one out each day then plan, prep, and paint it. You have that one day to do it. Midnight to midnight. I will not get to pick out my own minis as I will have my Husband do it so it'll be a surprise each day. 
      To start I bought: 
      Spooky spider web fabric Adorable ghost ribbon (1.5") Tan felt (three 9"x12" sheets) Black felt (three 9"x12" sheets) Fabric glue  
      I also have handy:
      Sewing needles Orange thread Fabric tape measure Ruler Scissors Fabric pencil Pen/Sharpie  
      I don't yet have a dowel and ends for it or photo transfer paper. I will edit the above later if I've forgotten anything.
      Some pictures of materials:
      Above is a rough sketch of what the layout will be like. I have cut the tan felt into 33- 3"x3" squares and a 3"x9" rectangle. I will take 1 yard of fabric and affix the squares with fabric glue and sew them on as well for extra hold. I will leave several inches free at the top to put the title which I will cut out of the black felt. I will use a piece of ribbon to underline it and then put the squares below. 
    • By ThirstyBob
      Finished Cthulhu on Saturday, I think I'm learning to overcome my fear of highlighting too far, I still didn't go as light as people said I should. Some say you can go practically to white, but I am very hesitant to try that. I think I've made progress though. C&C welcome!
      Soft Lighting---

      Harsh Lighting, to show detail----

      And WIP thread if anyone is interested...
    • By Bathory
      I’ve never painted a hockey mask, nevermind in Nintendo turquoise lol.
      More of the comic book style I’ve been playing with and enjoying. 

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