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Punga Miniatures- Canitaurs and Felitaurs

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Whoooo, several of the bipedal ones are happening alongside taur variants.... 


Here's hoping Doberman gets it too, since I sure wouldn't mind him! ^_^;;;

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Felitaurs unlocked!

Now all 4 of Felitaurs (Maine Coon Pirate, Sphynx Alchemist, Black Oriental Assassin, and Orange Tabby Fencer) are available to get as the new 5th set — Emerald on Kickstarter!


New breeds.


You asked us about new breeds, but we cannot decide exactly which breed is the most likely to create first.
The first poll will end on November 16th. Choose a new Canitaur hero!
The most popular option will be added to the Kickstarter campaign as new Canitaur hero art and miniature.
Poll link.

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      I would say this is a dream; in particular, it’s a project born 3 years ago, initially as a role-playing game (written and played successfully) but now the most important characters in this setting will come to life for collectors and painters. Every month a new story will come out and it will tell the events in this world and the Background of the various characters.
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      Girl gang minis
      This didn't turn up in forum search
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