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Punga Miniatures- Canitaurs and Felitaurs

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What I find odd is a good portion of them are available on their Etsy page...  Assuming that that particular one is theirs anyways... 


Either way, they do look neat.

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I don't know how I feel about these creatures. They went 3/4 critter instead of the usual 1/2 critter anthros. Interesting and probably fun to paint. Sir Cyr would like it. 

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5 hours ago, Gadgetman! said:


One or two may be of interest. Maybe...


I wonder if this is a Russian outfit?


The Etsy page with the same name as this company says it ships from Russia, and descriptions are written in Russian, so if they're the same company (and it isn't someone trying to cash in on another company's products for sale) that would be a yes. 

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I noticed the rather russian name of the sculptor, and that they're selling some 'Battlebeasts' figues, and the only ones who even play that any more is Russians. (Some fan-created Battlebeasts sculpts can be nice, so I sometimes check for them on eBay)


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Hi,  I'm glad that you were interested in our canitaurs. I want to clarify something:

1) Now on sale on the Etsy there are 8 models of the first canitaurs.
2) During the kickstarter, they will be about 18+ canitaurs.
3) Also partnering with "The Deck of Many" to bring cards, encounters and a fresh world to play. 

'Battlebeasts' is a project of our friends so we added them to our store, these are old school miniatures with magnets.
And yes, we are located in Russia. =)   
More information here, if you have any questions, write here. 

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I will be in for the four pawed versions, I hope they will come out with more of those. I like the sculpts I'm just not keen on the centaur bit. I'm really hoping for Akira and Shiba to get released as a 4 paw one, since my dog is a black and tan Shiba inu :)

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I will have to keep my eye on this one.  I am intrigued.  The centaur style makes them unique and sets them apart from the other anthro miniatures out there. depending on how it goes, this could be a nice package.

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Now Live




In this project, we have done a lot of work and made more than 20 great miniatures of Canitaurs, so that each player can choose a character for himself.
Each Canitaur has its own pre-generated class, cards with parameters, special skills, and a short background.

You can choose Corgi, a brave and honest guard, or Pitbull, a brutal and strong warrior, a Greyhound, nimble and fast ranger or Chihuahua, an intelligent and little merchant. Choose your heroes!


Our miniatures are cast by hand using silicone molds and pressure chambers. The material of the miniatures is the high-quality resin.

Feeling odd about creatures with six paws? That's OK, we have a solution for you! Corgi, Pitbull, Chihuahua, and Greyhound are sculpted also in four-paws versions — just detach the backside and get the adorable humanoid dog of your favorite breed.



The Deck of Many: Canitaurs has everything you need to start playing DnD in the world of the Canitaurs, whether you want to explore their world or introduce them into yours! A booklet contains all the setting information and mechanics you need to create Canitaur player characters! It also contains a set of reference cards that include many new Canitaur and Felitaur NPCs and Monsters, including full stat blocks and beautiful illustrations.  

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