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Box of Goodwill round 7 arrival/departure thread. NO CHATTER

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Here's the official arrival/departure thread for round 7 of the Box of Goodwill.


Remember, no chatter here, please. Do it here instead:




Box starters are listed in ALL CAPS.



Warlady--arrived 9/24, sent 10/1

Goddesstio--arrived 10/4, sent 10/22

Matt Parody--arrived---, sent 11/4

Nathair--arrived 11/8, sent11/9(?)





CLEARMAN---sent 9/10

Chris Palmer---arrived 9/12, sent 9/17

Shadowphaze--arrived 9/19, sent 9/21

Kangaroorex--arrived 9/24, sent 10/15

Glitterwolf--arrived 10/24, sent 10/26

Flit--arrived?, sent 11/29

Arc 724---arrived 12/1, sent 12/6

CLEARMAN--arrived 12/9

This is the international group, if members wish to donate a few dollars to help overseas transport costs, that's very cool. PM one another to work out details.


INARAH---sent 9/18

Lidless Eye--arrived  9/20, sent 9/21

Talae--arrived 9/24, sent 10/12

Mad Jack--arrived 10/15, sent 10/23

Rat13--arrived 10/26, sent 10/29

WonderWoman--arrived 10/31, sent 11/8

Ulfheathen--arrived 11/11, sent 11/22

HungerFan--arrived 11/26



ROB DEAN---sent 9/18

WyvernFire--arrived 9/20, sent 9/28

Epimys--arrived 10/1, sent 10/2

Fire Eyes--arrived 10/4, 10/15

Gaming Dog--arrived 10/18

Dilvish the Deliverer--arrived 10/22, sent 10/23


ROB DEAN---arrived 11/16


PCKTLNT---sent 9/20

Haldir--arrived 9/24, sent 10/1

Crowley--arrived 10/4, sent 10/20

SmokeStack--arrived 10/22, sent 10/23

Sylverthorne--arrived 10/24, sent 11/8

Samurai Jack--arrived 11/10, sent 11/14

SGHawkins09--arrived 11/17, sent 12/13



GUINDYLOO---sent 9/11

Necromancer---arrived 9/14, sent 9/18

Morihalda--arrived 9/20, sent 10/1

TripleH5133--arrived 10/5, sent 10/17

Disserma--arrived 10/20, sent 10/26

Kristof65--arrived 10/29, sent...

Keianna--arrived 11/1, sent 11/5

GUINDYLOO--arrived 11/9


CHAOS WOLF---sent 9/22, Replacement box mailed 10/29

Thes Hunter-arrived 9/25?

Ratmaster 2000---arrived 10/31, sent 11/2

Marsya--arrived 11/5, sent 11/13

IzzyLobo--arrived 11/17, sent 11/21

Marc---arrived 11/24, sent 11/29

AutumnHare--arrived 12/1, sent 12/4

Froggy the Great--arrived 12/6



...and we're off! Have fun, everyone.


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Guindyloo Box is at my in-laws (sent there for safe mailing)! We should be visiting them on Sunday and I can grab the box then.

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My Box is on its journey through the Postal Service Soccer League! Its first match is against the team in Arizona on Monday at that team's home field! Be sure to Root for a good, clean game ;)



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    • By Chaoswolf
      Ok, I've got the box organized and packed; hopefully I can make to the post office Monday to start it on it's way.
      Here's the list:
      Ratmaster 2000--arrived 10/31, sent 11/1
      SGhawkins 09--arrived11/2, sent 11/10
      ShadowPhase--arrived 11/13, sent 11/16
      Strawhat--arrived 11/19, sent 12/1
      GlitterWolf--arrived 12/10
      Generic Fighter
      Fire Eyes
      Chris Palmer
      If there's anything left, send it back to me, and it'll get put into the next (regular version) BoGW that happens.
      There are enough items included for everyone to make four (4) picks. After you've grabbed some stuff, seal it back up and send it the next person. This is all based on the generosity of people at Reapercon, so there's no need to put anything back in; this is a straight up gift.
      There are 2 pairs of sunglasses in there; they don't have anything to do with Reaper/Reapercon other than that they were in the swag bag, and (I'm guessing) donated by the city of Denton. If you want a pair take 'em, they don't have to count as one of your 4 items, unless your conscience dictates otherwise.
      If you want to help out with international shipping fees (and no one is under any obligation to do so) contact Strawhat, GlitterWolf, or RobinH to work something out.
      A big THANK YOU!! to everyone who donated stuff for this to happen.
    • By Disserrma
      I pulled these goblins and hobgoblins from the BoGW a couple months ago to paint as some sort of evil fey.  The DM and I eventually decided to paint these guys up as Spriggan that could be used as Redcaps if needed.  C&C welcome.
      WARNING: There are a lot of pics.
      The whole group

      The Enlarged Spriggans (formerly hobgoblins)

      And the normal sized Spriggan (formerly goblins)

    • By Generic Fighter
      Here are scans of my Box of Goodwill Journal from earlier editions of the BoGW! Enjoy! :)









      To be Continued..
      Scans Part 2...









      To be concluded...
    • By Chaoswolf
      This a Bones elf ranger that I started painting a while back and decided to finish just to be done with him. Done to a tabletop standard. Thanks for looking.

    • By Chaoswolf
      These are a couple figures I picked up at the factory while at Reapercon this year. I painted them over the last week or so; lots of browns and greys. I couldn't manage to get a decent picture, but their eyes are glowing green, too. I hope you like them.



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