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I guess worrying about finishing on time has kicked me into overdrive. I managed to get a ton done tonight and when I say done I really mean it. I officially have parts of this project finished, but we'll get to that.


I started off by flocking my display piece. I even managed not to make a mess by using a large folded piece of craft paper I forgot I had. I will definitely be trying Zink's idea with an old cookie sheet in the future however. Unless I decide to tinker with it the display base is finished though.20181008_010437.thumb.jpg.3051bfbd767b7f8f52a7d00ca0eb630a.jpg


After that I managed to do something I said I wouldn't do just last night. I removed my new commissar from his sprue, cleaned him up, and assembled him. I think I just needed to stop painting for a bit and assemble something, either way the gear shift worked out. Since I haven't had much luck with my first commissar's plasma pistol I decided to go with the bolt pistol on my second. Color scheme even came to me during assembly.20181008_010307.thumb.jpg.12d3e431a7d68e1c1e4d6026eaae79d8.jpg


After that I put a little flock on the stone wall. It just gave the piece a little something more and I can officially call that piece done too.20181008_010333.thumb.jpg.b486d75fe5dd642210b14573c0720a78.jpg


My first commissar was painted to completion and while I waited for it to dry I began sealing the other figures. This proved to be pretty time consuming, especially the tank but I know just how much abuse these troops are going to see so they had to be sealed. It worked out though because it gave my commissar enough time to dry, so you guessed it he got sealed too. And with that my troops are finished.20181008_010218.thumb.jpg.384dea3a9e09f3120b778c2f037a942b.jpg20181008_010232.thumb.jpg.96a2a8da7efc78b2cc5aaf6d254259e7.jpg


My tank however still needed it's weapons painted. So I painted and washed the weapons but didn't have time for them to dry. Provided the paint job looks good I'll seal them tomorrow night. 20181008_010358.thumb.jpg.7a2a7ee633224813086b36f2fdce62b4.jpg


Now I have a whole week to work on the most interesting part of the display. I have to finish the watchtower by adding Ork glyphs and graffiti. Originally I planned to use this as a chance to work on my freehand but now I plan to use a combination of freehand and transfers.


With everything I originally wanted either finished or with plenty of time to finish my second commissar may make it to the parade too. My watchtower will have to be completely finished before he gets any paint though. I know what is a priority and what isn't, let's just see if I can keep that perspective. 

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1 hour ago, Rigel said:

Commissar is looking crisp! Good detail-work.

I wish I could take credit for that but the washes are really doing the heavy lifting. I'm happy with this one but I hope to improve a few things on the next commissar.

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After all that time spent worrying I wouldn't finish on time this project is over. With almost a week to spare my submission for Parade day is finished.


I started this session by sealing my tank's weapons, once that was finished I began using Ork transfers to add glyphs to my watchtower. That was the first time I've used the GW transfers and I'm impressed by how easy they were to use. I also freehand painted a glyph which got covered up by the popular Cadian warcry/saying. I really should have taken a picture before covering it with the Cadian graffiti. Oh well, hopefully my next piece of freehand will be more visible.20181008_231922.thumb.jpg.6a46482fc4469d493966fb68f64b6509.jpg20181008_231935.thumb.jpg.2d8868a228d146db9ca153b0a5de7ddc.jpg20181008_232013.thumb.jpg.0c92036fda1ad103b8a39fb31b2cfbbd.jpg


This is how I intend to display everything on Saturday.20181008_232622.thumb.jpg.168e25cc7568f0540199c2efa27ec155.jpg20181008_232644.thumb.jpg.4d44afb9c4cb29f37946872252f3da43.jpg20181008_232652.thumb.jpg.978bffcc001133b69a30f8db232dd65f.jpg20181008_232704.thumb.jpg.aea05ff594485d3b00bb0f837ea85fd8.jpg20181008_232709.thumb.jpg.886551b9096949ed915ec3c4841f6d6e.jpg

So now I have the option to continue tinkering with my watchtower or to finish some more models? At the moment this is the Patrol detachment I've been playing with, so even though it's low points it is a viable army. I do however have an additional two flamers, two grenade launchers, and my second commissar leftover. With all of them needing painted sooner or later I guess I'm wondering if I should keep the display as a table ready army or add the additional weapons for flavor (even though there is no way I could legally field them)?

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Looking good! 

Now, I dont know, how important composition is for an "army on parade".. But I would put more Minis, or maybe the tank, further into the front of the base. There is a lot of empty space in the front.

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45 minutes ago, LarsM said:

There is a lot of empty space in the front.

I agree, the base really needed to be about half the size. I believe the figure arrangement is the best I could do to convey the idea of Cadians holding the line though. It would probably look better with a line of enemies at the front of the base charging but the idea was to showoff only my army.


I think I may have over complicated things by trying to make an interesting display, I just couldn't justify just doing a simple review formation thoigh.

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Yesterday I was able to prime some miniatures, my commissar included, but I didn't get a chance to paint. Tonight I may have been trying to make up for that. 


Though they're not needed for the display my last two grenade launchers have seen a lot of game time. So I figured I better paint them up since I'll be playing again on Friday. I don't think I intended to finish them in one session but that's exactly what happened. With their khaki already painted all I had to do was the armor, steel, flesh, details, and apply a wash (that sounds like a lot more than it really is). I guess doing so many figures increased my speed with this scheme a little. 20181011_003107.thumb.jpg.393cd77d7181bdf4956d019fa42c3c5a.jpg


I also began painting my second commissar. Since buying the figure I've been thinking about the color scheme. Though I like the regular commissar scheme I wanted something different to differentiate the two. I know it may sound weird seeing as I'm playing a straight faction where every figure looks the same, but I know that without a different scheme I will constantly mistake one for the other. Even with the different weapons and a different base I still believe I'd make that mistake, over and over again.


With all that in mind I decided on a much more colorful scheme, you know the kind that increases the chance of being shot. Instead of a black and blood red uniform with just a bit of colorful adornment I decided to go for more of a space navy blue (a little like the odd color choices of generic sci-fi space navies uniforms). The coat will be grey with a blue lining and his pants will also be blue with a yellow stripe. As for the rest it'll mostly be a carbon copy of the other commissar, though I will probably do something different with the sash. 20181011_003135.thumb.jpg.471cf37b1aa8c2de4bf04d83ad3c6fa9.jpg20181011_003145.thumb.jpg.c329b192d5f2f0615b4ca965321fec7a.jpg


Once the bit of paint and wash on the figure's bases dried, I applied my base coating of sand. I figured that was a great place to stop for the night.

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I made enough progress that I'll have to reposition some things on my display now. When I sat down all I really wanted to do was finish my two grenade launchers for tomorrow's game. I ended up doing a lot more than that though.


The sand on the two grenade launcher's bases were painted and once that was dry they were flocked as well. So tomorrow morning I'll just have to apply their sealer and they will be done, ready for tomorrow's game but probably won't be used in the display.20181011_215526.thumb.jpg.fa5cfcdc5d2b4b6c431d91ea80dc3bb1.jpg


After I had finished those two I fully intended to stop for the night. I just couldn't resist the call of my second commissar though. Before I knew it I hadn't just finished his paint job, I had also painted and flocked his base. Aside from checking the paint job tomorrow and maybe touching things up before sealing him, this figure is done too. 20181011_223310.thumb.jpg.8aab61113fcfe0b10ad7e0608dc4aaed.jpg20181011_223322.thumb.jpg.baae3154d85fffc73a90e02e9085585c.jpg


After finishing the commissar with his blue and grey scheme it finally hit me what I had painted. It's a combination of two different uniforms worn by Hermann Goring. I guess I've been watching a few too many documentaries lately and the two schemes combined in my subconscious. 

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Don't like their ideology much but the nazis were snappy dressers. I like the commisar especially because it isn't the typical black and red. I've got a cadian army too but never did a commisar for them.

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11 minutes ago, Zink said:

I like the commisar especially because it isn't the typical black and red.

I like their typical color scheme but I wanted something different that stood out. I guess to me that meant bright blue and pale/almost primer grey.

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I've always liked the look of commissars, it's just, well, I have Catachans, who have a bad habit of, uhm...  Giving them a taste of their own disciplinary actions (aka commissars have a very, very short lifespan around any Catachans) 


They sure do have unique uniforms though! 


Also yay, even more done!  I keep seeing your progress and go "huh, if I did sir down, I could quite possibly get my Catachans finally painted up fairly quickly..." 

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18 minutes ago, WhiteWulfe said:

"huh, if I did sir down, I could quite possibly get my Catachans finally painted up fairly quickly..." 

It's true. All it really takes is choosing a color scheme and getting into the groove of painting them. I honestly didn't paint that many figures but now that I know the color scheme and I'm comfortable with the figures I can finish two regular guardsmen or a commissar in one session.


What really helped me speed wise towards the end was learning the figures. Once I knew the areas where I could screw up or be a little sloppy, I was able to increase my speed a little. Plus with the way I'm using washes most of the little mistakes completely disappear.

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Tomorrow is the parade and with everything finished I figured I'd post something a little different. Tonight I played a three man game of 40k, Tyranids vs Tau vs Cadians and I managed to snap a few pictures. 


Unfortunately I forgot to takes pictures after deployment I did however manage to snag some pictures at the end. Tyranids wrecked the Tau, while the Tau ended up wrecking me. A three man game is pure chaos but my Guard did pretty good. Since the others players were mandated to work tomorrow we had to cut the game short but I'm confident the Tryanids were going to sweep the table anyway.20181012_224906.thumb.jpg.db730c9281201248cba6968630febfd7.jpg20181012_224926.thumb.jpg.dbb19422955cc67b8af768e1b4ee3548.jpgI20181012_224931.thumb.jpg.64b402876cc79fa9327433a7e9df85fb.jpg

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Parade is over, so now I can paint and whatnot at my own pace. Everyone participating at the shop had beautifully painted armies, but the displays really took the show today. Unfortunately I spent so much time talking paint schemes, army composition, play style, kit bashing, and the hobby in general I completely forgot to take pictures.


Though I didn't place in any category I had a great time, everyone seemed pretty impressed with what I was able to accomplish in just a month though. I'll admit after seeing what everyone else brought being able to impress them with my month build felt pretty good.


While at the parade I also purchased a copy of the kill team rulebook and scheduled my "first" real game for tomorrow (I'm not counting the demo game I played with my friend the other day). After that begins the task of teaching my wife, these games.

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