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ReaperCon 2019 -- Classes I Would Take

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That would be really good. I bought some inks once by mistake and am not sure what to do with them. Several things I read on line said if you didn't do them right you could ruin a model with them, so I just put them in the back of the drawer and left them there

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The basing and diorama ideas are appealing.  Perhaps an instructor would consider a focused techniques class in these areas.  We have had a class on trees.  I'd be interested in classes on ground cover, vegetation, dirt and earth, walls, uneven ground, choosing and placing rocks of different sizes, water effects (pools, ponds, streams, puddles, wet surfaces) -- and color choices for each.


It seems that classes that are  described as limited to a specific, narrow topic can become expanded and diffuse in the actual classroom ... where instructors and students try to cover everything associated, directly and indirectly, with the class topic -- with the result that the tree gets buried in the forest. Perhaps a distinct, focused, limited approach to various basing and diorama techniques would be appealing.  It would to me.

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