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Boris Khan

The Samurai

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A samurai I have but for the life of me can't find a reference number. I'm positive it's an older Reaper/Dark Heaven mini as I got it at the same time as a three pack 03460 (which is comprised of 02402, 02438, and 02505).



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38 minutes ago, Aard_Rinn said:

Is it from the Exalted line? That had some asian stuff...

I don't think so, I remember buying it as a single figure along with the three pack of samurai (Reaper 03460). I don't see it in the Reaper, Dark Heaven, Bushido, Exalted, or Rising Sun lines.It's an older figure and iIt did come with a metal slotted square base rather than a plastic one.

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1 hour ago, Brother Jim said:

That's an L5R miniature. Dragon Clan Togashi Yoshi found on the Lost Minis Wiki (link below):


But that's not the mini that comes up when I searched for Dragon Clan Togashi Yoshi on Google.


That's not the same mini in your link but since you mention it, I do think you are right and it is a Legend of the Five Rings mini

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