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Fantasy Football starbowl II chaos dwarf team

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these look strangely familiar





Dear Friends

Welcome to starbowl for fantasy football game

Starbowl for fantasy football is a project that began more than 5 years ago with the idea of expanding the fantasy football world with new possibilities adapting the current teams inspired by the Tolkien universe with new races adding more range of miniatures and characters.

The creators and developers of this project are passionate lovers of fantasy football for many years and with starbowl we only seek to expand the current Multiverse of Fantasy Football with new teams that we consider can be very interesting and funny to play for face against the current teams on the field

We hope you like and enjoy this project so you can decide to support us, we invite you to join so that the project can finally be financed (really this would be a great motivation for we can continue developing in the future more teams for starbowl )

this campaign presents from 2 to 3 teams to be adapted to the skills of the Chaos, ratmen , and chaos dwarf teams.

So we start by presenting:

Stuntytroopers Team  as Chaos dwarf team

Basically it's a Chaos Dwarf team consisting of 16 players and 1 Big Guy ,these would be :

6 stuntytroopers , 2 centaurs , 8 Hobdroidlings and Mino AT as Big guy


 Stuntytroopers /Chaos dwarf  Mino AT Big Guy


 Alternative starplayers

alternative starplayers for starbowl these are: Dwarf with chainsaw, Dwarf champion, dwarf with bazooka


The Brood Team

For this team, 21 miniatures  have been sculpted, combining the positionals (20 players and 1 Big guy ) .These can be used as skaven team or as Chaos team.

Brood Team as ratmen version

as skaven team these would be:

2 throwers ,2 Blitzers ,4 catcher/runners ,8 linemans and Big Guy


Brood Team as Chaos version

as Chaos team version these would be:

4 hunt warriors ,12 brood beastmen and 1 Big Guy *(as chaos team all broods are considered as positional beastmen )


The Big Guy for Brood Team (ratmen or Chaos version)


 Blockdice and D6

for starbowl fantasy Football for now 5 different sets of dice have been designed, these would be :


 Dice for Tronik team


 Dice for Razor Team


 Dice for Chaos team


 Dice for Brood Team

each set of dice is composed of 3 blockdice (symbols) and 2 D6 (numbers)

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Wow, if your gonna step on a IP, step on them all!!! :lol:

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7 hours ago, SamuraiJack said:

No one has tagged @Guindyloo yet.. so I'd better before she throws face huggers at me

Now would I do such a thing? :devil:

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