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Heresy Miniatures: Maggotmen

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I painted these up yesterday.  I'm running a Pathfinder D&D Age of Worms campaign and plan to use these for worm naga worshipers of Kyuss, demigod of undead and decay.  I like how they are turning out so far, but need to figure out what further detail to add, and what if anything to do for basing.  I'm open to feedback and suggestions on how to finish them.  Thanks for looking.

maggotmen 0291.jpg



maggotmen_0294 (1).jpg






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Excellent! Definitely put a pale green wash and some gloss on those horrible monstrosities. Maybe something flesh-colored on the puckered back ends. Good highlights and shading!

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Thanks, all, for the feedback.  I've painted a few more details on them, and am deciding on whether to apply the gloss varnish, and what to do with the basing before posting them to the Show Off forum.

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