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Mori Learns Skintones!

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1 hour ago, Guindyloo said:

With the much improved picture, I feel much better about your glaze thinning, though I am still curious about why you were glazing skin with an orange. I'm not saying it's wrong or bad, it's just not something I've heard suggested before nor tried.


If you mean for it to be lining, then it needs to be much thinner than it is. You really want your lining to be as crisp as you can manage. If it's meant to be shading then look at it from a lighting perspective, what would make her skin that much darker there? Is her crotch actually a black hole that is sucking all of the light out from the vicinity? ::P: I'm also curious about your choice of Nightshade Purple both for lining skin and shading it. Purple mixed with a skintone on the tan/yellow side can produce a bruised or dried blood look.


That's fine, priming doesn't have to be perfect and you're never locked in to following it. I just wanted to point out the importance of remaining consistent with your highlighting.


I don't know why I glazed orange or purple. I just figured they were opposites so I grabbed them. :lol: :lol: The purple ended up turning brown with the orange glaze over it, which I thought was handy.


It wasn't meant as a lining, just that I put it where I thought the light wouldn't be visible. I was using my own leg and the desk lamp had strong lighting. I'm also not very pink, which is why I  started with the golden colors. I think y'all are very much right when saying that the other stuff around the mini strongly affects other parts. I never noticed before!


54 minutes ago, Doug Sundseth said:




By convention, it's the hour hand only, you're always standing at the center of the clock, and 12 is straight ahead. So 10:30 would be between 10 and 11.  On the hour hand. Only.




Okay yeah now I want to make a thread about this too. I want to know everyone's clock! :lol:

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