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Marvel Handful of Heroes repaint: Blackguard (of Doom)

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So I've been bragging a lot in the Acquisitions about my TSR minis haul, which I just picked up from the post office this evening...


But I also got some stuff that's to scale with minis without being em proper. Among them some Marvel Handful of Heroes.

The sculpting on these doesn't compare to proper minis like Reaper makes, and this hammer-wielding Doctor Doom suffered the worst (just LOOK at that flat left hand just drawn on the cape!), but the wheels turned in my head and I decided to try and do him up as a Blackguard.


I'm not super-pleased with him... my gunmetal paint on the armor parts ended up looking more like shiny black. Maybe I need a new bottle....


This guy definitely occupies a lot of space on the tabletop, thanks to his wide leg stance and his even wider flowing cape.


And given I just got him today this has got to be my fastest acquisition-to-paintjob piece. :lol:



Thanks for looking!

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