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Diehard Miniatures: Law and Disorder!

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Definitely getting an old school Rogue Trader WH40K feel from the SF side - from when the basic force was a warband, not an army.


I could kind of use the flaming skull villain - there is an NPC in my Supers game that it would kind of fit. (First encounter is when one of the new cops in the super hero group is in the bank, and a trenchoated figure with a flaming skull for a head comes in. People freeze, guards reach for their guns, and the obvious villain says ' What? I'm here to cash my paycheck! Jesus!' The PCs have a chance to prevent a super villain.... Or screw things up and make one.)


The Auld Grump - you try working in the McClowns drivethru when you have a flaming skull for a head....

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Definitely keeping an eye on this but I'm not really interested in one of the base sets. The Darkelf and Woodelf concepts look very great but I would want to see that put into a mini first. To me there seems to be a difference in style from the concept art compared to the so far shown minis. I agree that they give of a wh40k feel, which isn't my thing really so I'm thinking the finished product compared to the concept might differ quite a bit.

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If you're into Old Hammer, these are perfect. I backed the previous one for the Undead and Tim keeps the communication lines open and lets you know where things are in the process. Very open and returns e-mails quickly.

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      If we unlock extra parts we will give you the option of which trolls to choose.
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