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14089 Aundine conversion - pale maiden of the waves

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What gorgeous colours! :wub:


5 hours ago, dks said:

Would anyone like to know how I would judge this as an entry in ReaperCon's MSP Open painting contest, in either the Painters Division or the Open Division?

Yes, please! I think that would be very valuable information.

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Thanks for sharing ideas on iridescence in the WIP for her! ::D:

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I love that fiercely determined expression!  (Or that any expression at all can be painted so wonderfully at that scale!  :D  )  Amazing!

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I really love the armor on her. Very cool.


And I would also like to hear your judge-thoughts.

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Thanks, everyone.


My judge-thoughts (for @Guindyloo and @Sanael):

You can see the weighting of the scores in this recent post on the ReaperCon subforum.

Painters Division:

   Difficulty            5%

   Creativity          10%

   Workmanship  10%

   Painting            70%

   Presentation    5%

Having judged hundreds of figures over the years, I have an initial feeling of Silver for this one.  And no, not because the figure is literally silver-colored!  Painting your entry gold isn't going to make me think "gold medal".

I start by looking at the painting quality because it accounts for 70% of the total.  The painting falls within my spectrum for Silver quality.  I don't think there is enough good or bad about the other aspects to bring it up to Gold or down to Bronze, but I'll go through the other points to make sure. 

I don't assign points to every piece I judge, but if I need to rationalize the numbers, I think of Certificate as 50% or less, Bronze 51-70%, Silver 71-85%, Gold 86-100%.  If I think the painting is "Bronze-level", for example, I'll assign a score of 42 to 45 points, which is 60-65% of the max 70 points.

I call the painting on this figure Silver, maybe high-Silver (56-60 of 70).  It has consistent placement of highlights and shadows, good contrast, fair-to-good blending, good non-metallic metals (NMM), harmonious color palette.  It has a lot of room for improvement: smoothness, neater color placement and lining, maybe some subtler techniques such as texturing or weathering.   My standard for Gold medals isn't perfection, but it is higher than this.

The other numbers... 

Difficulty is fair (3 of 5), since it is just a single figure, but still has some intricate sculpting to pick out, and a few different materials (skin, hair, shiny metallic leather, metal, water), including non-metallic metal and an attempt at "non-iridescent iridescence". 

Creativity is petty good -- the water theme is novel for a "dark elf" figure. (6-7 of 10)

Workmanship (i.e. cleaning, preparation, assembly) is good.  Nitpicks: the left bracer is indistinct and the left hand is chunky. (9 of 10)

Presentation is low, for the simple gaming base. (1-2 of 5)

Total 75-81% = solid Silver.


Open Division:

   Difficulty           15%

   Creativity          10%

   Workmanship  30%

   Painting            30%

   Presentation    15%

I think this is also a Silver, but probably on the low end, because the conversion isn't very ambitious and would actually bring the total score down from the Silver-quality painting.
Again, I start by looking at the quality of painting for my baseline, because that's what I'm most familiar with judging and it is still one of the 2 main components of the score, at 30%.  For this figure, silver-quality painting earns 25 of 30.

(Note that a figure with even Bronze-level painting (21 of 30) could still win a Gold in Open if it gets most of the remaining 70 points, such as an ambitious and well-executed scratch-sculpt.  Conversely, a figure with perfect Gold-level painting (30 of 30), but only simple or poorly executed conversions, could still rate only a Silver or even Bronze as an Open entry.  I've seen that situation a few times, and I have checked whether we could reassign the entry to Painters and award a Gold medal there, but most of the time, the entrant already had a Gold-worthy entry in Painters so they got the non-Gold in Open.)

Difficulty is low to moderate, since the conversion is simple (weapon-swaps, resculpting half of the face and hair, minor details (goggles), and tilting the stance) -- no major rework (5-6 out of 15).  

Creativity is also low to moderate, mostly a weapon-swap, but the "riding the wave" idea is interesting (6-7 of 10). 

Workmanship has equal weight with Painting (30%), and this also merits about 25 of 30.  

Presentation is low to moderate (7-8 of 15) but I would award a couple more points if the entry included some documentation/WIP shots.

Total 68-74% = high Bronze to low Silver.


I hope this helps!



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I think that was incredibly helpful Derek, thank you. When I’m judging I don’t think of it in terms of points like that but I think our mental process is very similar.

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7 hours ago, dks said:

My judge-thoughts (for @Guindyloo

Thank you very much, Derek! My thoughts for Painters were that it would score Silver as well, so I'm glad to see we're in agreement. It's a great illustration that using all of the right colours and putting them in the right places, makes for a gorgeous high quality tabletop paint job, but not a Gold medal. If you would've only included the smaller pictures, I would've thought Gold, but the up close view provided a more critical view. I especially appreciate the insight into the other criteria as that gets a little fuzzier for me.

I was less sure of how she would rate in Open because the resculpting work you did to convert her is so well executed, I wouldn't have even known you converted her without your WIP thread. I know that one of the comments for Open is for people to do more difficult/ambitious conversions to score higher though, so it's good to see that even a very well-executed simple conversion is still a simple conversion and won't get you those extra Difficulty points.


Thank you, again, for taking the time and going into so much detail. This is very valuable insight that I'm sure I'll reference back to a lot in the future.

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      - cut away hair from left side of face and resculpted face and hair
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      http://s1376.photobucket.com/user/Jack_Ironhammer/media/20180904_011843 2_zpscgmugyiq.jpg.html?filters[user]=145063139&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0

      Whatever she is, she's got a very triumphant look about her (a couple people I showed her to said she looked a bit like the Statue of Liberty).  As such, I have dubbed her The Fairy of Victory.  I have no idea what a Fairy of Victory does, but I'm quite sure its suitably magnificent.
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