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Jasonator's elfs and tomb beginning.

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6 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

I would also use two.

It makes sense that they visit such a tomb together or guard it together.


And just one would make it look like a large base for a single mini.



Thanks Glitter, Al, et al;

Seems that two guards it is.

I'm putting some light gray and working on bark on the tomb.

I have to work out where I am putting those guards, but I have to admit

I do like the way this is shaping up.

Some flowers, carving, glueing, and more painting will bring this together...I hope.



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Been doing some work on the mini's.

This is what I am planning on doing for placement.

Spears and shields have to be added, and all the etc...

I think this will work.

Here are two photos.

I just enlarged the phots that I uploaded.

There are a bit larger.







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Improve photos
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LOOKIN' GOOD! That will be a SPLENDID creation when done.

AND remember the grass always grows greener over a Dead Elf.

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2 hours ago, lowlylowlycook said:

Or under a live one's feet!

Thanks for the foil !!!

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Good work on the Elves!


*** Prepares the BBQ, hmmm, what kind of marinade would be nice with fresh Elf?***

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Mercy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have had ALL the tools out today..AND USING THEM.!!!

I had the carving tools (forgot how sharp they are);  sculpting tools,  nippers, tweezers, clippers... and I took base

apart, re-glued, re-painted, and put it all back together again.  I am getting closer to completion.

Everything is in place with the exception of some highlighting,  foliage, bushes, touch-ups, and some direction and

attention focusing.. (fancy way of saying.. making you see what I want you to see)..

Here are a few photo's.  That was even a pain in the butt today also..ROFL.






Edited by Jasonator
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I don't know where the energy has come from;

but I'll use it !!!

Almost finished..

Here are two more photos.




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That is one of your FINEST efforts. The Elven Warriors standing watch over their fallen hero is a BEAUTIFUL narrative creation. VERY WELL DONE!

For some reason or other the photos here seem larger & clearer than those in the Show Off.

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Seems I will have to learn to submit photo's in a different fashion.

Things have changed in how photo's are submitted and displayed it seems.

Might just be me. 

I'll try to get another set tomorrow.


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