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Terraincrate Lost Mine set (plus some extras)

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The TerrainCrate set I got included a heap of Abandoned Mine stuff, including mine carts, mine cart tracks, pickaxes and shovels, Big Glowy Crystals, crates, barrels, debris, and some dynamite kegs. I'm introducing this to my Weird West game as the Lost Mines of Joaquin Carrasquillo. Joaquin (played by 50319, Olaf, Dwarf Gambler) knows *where* his mining concern is, but has recently lost control of it. Dug too greedily...an' too deep. Awoke summat dark down there, forgotten by th' people of the world above. (It's Grab-oids with the serial numbers filed off.)

Anyway, there's a lot of stuff to paint and here's the first installment! Tracks, mine carts, and equipment. The Crate came with three of each mining miniature. I gave the three mine carts slightly different colors (Rough Iron, cheap Gunmetal Grey, and a 50/50 mix of black and metallic pearl), and will probably rust the hell out of one of them. Two loads of coal; I'll need to do some research into silver ore before I paint the third cartload. DSCN4604.thumb.JPG.c27f6dd18e91bfe07b2678034eaf52b4.JPGDSCN4605.thumb.JPG.3a534bc2f13f3d18dea1cb801ed142bb.JPG

Rack of mining equipment (needs a touchup and I should paint the lantern glass; also need to wash the wood with something dark)


and a bunch of tracks! These probably would have benefited from a more patient man doing the painting. There are a LOT of track pieces--at least six of each straight track bit and three each of the others. I don't think I'll revisit the creosote ties, but I might rust up some of those rails. Typhus Corrosion and a bit of reddish brown, at least. 


The Crate also came with a set of Dungeon Traps, which included this beautiful mad-science Big Chunky Switch. It seemed like exactly the sort of thing adventurers in an out-of-control mine cart barrelling towards an intersection might have to lasso/shoot so as to switch tracks from Certain Horrible Doom to Possible Unspecified Doom. 



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Nice job so far. I'm looking forward to seeing the whole set up.

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An extra bit that might fit in well here: FLGS had a WizKids cage + two chain piles. This seems quite apposite for a creepy mine filled with monsters...
The cage top separates from the base (and it has one 'correct' orientation, not four--though a few minutes with a hobby knife could change that).

Be smarter than I--paint the inside first! :poke: I used the pearl-and black 50-50 combo again here. ArmyPainter Rough Iron on the rivets. 

Also going to give the cage and one of the chain heaps a good rusting. 

These items could also work well in a weird circus setting. I have plans!


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Rust applied! Each face of the cage has a different rust amount. 
Also, bonus keg of blasting powder! 






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15 hours ago, lexomatic said:

What's the box on the left, in your post about cage+chains

Good call! That is a WizKids desk and chair I bought at the same time; it's painted up in this thread: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/82546-miskatonic-faculty-lounge-terraincrate/&page=2 I still haven't done the chair; it;s on the to-do list. 


5 hours ago, lowlylowlycook said:

Well, you are going to have to give us a few more details on how the rust was applied.

I'll flatter myself that you don't mean as a cautionary tale of Horrible Mistakes to Avoid! :lol: 
But either way, after painting the dark metal layer, I got together a few old brushes of different sizes that were no longer useful for fine detail. You know the kind--old frayed brushes with bristles skewed every which way. Small sponges would probably also work. 
I took the largest and ugliest of these and used it to slather some Citadel Typhus Corrosion on large areas of the cage and cart. Dabbing, blotching, and semi-drybrushing. That's a very gritty paint, so it adds texture aplenty. 

When that had mostly dried, I took some Citadel Doombull Brown on a slightly smaller brush and stippled it haphazardly on the areas that had gotten Typhus Corrosion. Not aiming for complete coverage; patchy and random is the desired effect here. Anywhere around 70% coverage of the Typhus area should work.

I then got some TheArmyPainter Dry Rust and wet-blended it (again, patchily and half-assedly) with the Doombull Brown, again with incomplete coverage. Repeated the process with pure Dry Rust once that layer had dried--this time only on the orangest areas of the wet-blended brown/rust patches. Just a few touches with a small and crappy brush. 

Last step is to use the smallest crappy brush to dab tiny tiny little patches of mostly-dry school-bus yellow  (Citadel Yriel?) on the orangest parts of the Dry Rust patches. Not a problem if you miss the target slightly; indeed, irregularity and randomness is good. 
The goal is smaller and smaller irregular areas of increasingly bright matte layers. You can use more intermediate shades for better results, and dial the coverage of each successive layer up or down to suit your needs. 

Here's where I learned the technique: http://carmensminiaturepainting.blogspot.com/2013/03/painting-rust-quick-and-dirty.html 

Hooray rust and grime! Adds so much character.

...Come to think of it, this technique would probably also be good for putting crustose lichen on rock formations, using a palette ranging from grey to sage-green to chartreuse.

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