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Christmas Tree for basing

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I looked thru the store but didn't see anything that could work IMO - are there any minis that have a scaled Christmas Tree with them? I'd like to start doing some of my Christmas items before Christmas gets here (lol) and was hoping to add some trees to the bases for them. I have a few things from last year's and the previous years promotions that I'm finally going to try and paint. But no Christmas Trees :(

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Most craft stores (Michael's, Joann's, Hobby Lobby, etc) and some dollar stores have ceramic Christmas villages in miniature. The scale is not the same, but they have packs of wire bristle trees that can be cut down for this kind of project.  They come in assorted sizes, and have a wood or plastic base.  Some have snow, some won't.  You can use beads or sequins as ornaments. 


Image result for miniature christmas village michaels trees

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