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SPACEFUTURE: Nolzur's Displacer Beast and Hydra Valkeeri

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Very cool Spacepanther!


Ooohhhh Greenskinned Space Girl :wub:


****Hhheeellllooooo...Howl you Doing?****

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Great job on both!


Do you actually play games with these wonderful characters?  If so, I'm coming to your house for game night!

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Thanks, all! 

22 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Ooohhhh Greenskinned Space Girl :wub:

****Hhheeellllooooo...Howl you Doing?****

:lol: The perfect intersection of Tex Avery and Gene Roddenberry. 


15 hours ago, Iridil said:

Really like the snake-stripes on the spacepanther - shaping up as another great setting!

Thank you! RETRO-VENUS is an incredibly dynamic planet; almost everything is either fungal, psychoactive, infectious, poisonous, venomous, symbiotic, addictive, or carnivorous--and usually several of the above.


11 hours ago, Froggy the Great said:

How do they get around the way the Cytherean atmosphere degrades liftwood so quickly?

Niiiiice! I've never played Space: 1889, but rot and decay *is* an ever-present issue (it grants Venerians in my game penalties to technology use rolls; the tape reels get coated in mold spores). In game, they mostly a combination of gold-plated hoversleds and general Beast Mastery for transport. 

11 hours ago, Warlady said:

Do you actually play games with these wonderful characters?  If so, I'm coming to your house for game night!

Yes! It started when my Pulp Cthulhu players got accidentally time/spacewarped to the Red Planet of a billion years ago (long, dumb, weird story). They proceeded to turn those space-lemons into cosmic lemonade by becoming the PIMP-LORDS OF MARS (longer, dumber, weirder story). [They also, with no guidance on my part, inadvertently set up the events of Wells' "War of the Worlds" and set up a closed causal loop that seeded Earth with life. And imported shoggoths to Mars.]  Since becoming a PIMP-LORD OF MARS is as close to 'winning' Call of Cthulhu as a hobo, a pimp, a butler, and a drunken physicist are likely to get, I ended that campaign and started a new one in the spacefuture of that same universe. Oh my, do we have stories.
Long, dumb, weird ones.
We'd be honored to have you over! 

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I'm totally stealing the pattern on that displacer beast for something. I have no idea what yet, but it's definitely getting swiped. Awesome. 

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    • By Rigel
      My FLGS is pushing WH40K Kill Team and has a lot of stuff for budgets a lot bigger than mine. But I did find this nice five-pack of Chaos Cultists in tatters and rags and gas masks for cheap! I'd be irresponsible NOT to get it, especially for spacefuturey Failed Colonies or postapocalyptic nuclear hellscapes!

      I've been working on them on and off for a few weeks; lots of washes, lots of repainting where the paint rubbed off. (For some reason the Imperial Primer did not want to hold paint to these GW guys.)
      Check out these bad bros and their wretched scavenged gear! 

      Here's the raider with the most complete outfit. Sweet gas mask, nice coat. I got a crappy stiff brush and flicked some thinned Agrellan Earth all over him (and over all these culty boys for that matter.)  You won't keep anything clean in the Wastelands. 

      This dude has cobbled together a bit of a Plague Doctor look by sewing together bits of weird masks. What's that glowing fluid going into the mask from that canister? I don't know, but these cultists sure do love that stuff! I tried to make it look like the tubes and such are actually luminous by drybrushing the areas around them, but it's hard to see in this light.


      Here's a burly fellow with some ritual scarification on his shoulder. He sure does love his glow-juice. The matching spats and trousers on him and his buddies indicate they were once part of a unit that went loopy. 

      We can see part of this guy's snarling face and grimy hair, so based on what the TV teaches us, he must be the leader. He's got a makeshift spiked flail tied together with cable. I decided on blue for the cables after the fashion of Horizon: Zero Dawn. 

      Our man here looks like he smells even worse than you're thinking. 


      And here we have a cultist with the latest in wasteland weapons technology: a bat with some horrible spikes and barbed wire. I tried to make the spikes and wire look rusty, but bloody works too. The green glow on this one didn't turn out too badly. 


      What a horrible crew! Keep them far away from your settlement! 

    • By Rigel
      If anyone looks qualified to declaim the Litany of ZAREK into an Omnicrophone from atop a golden hover-chariot, it is surely 62107, the Aeon Priest from Reaper's Numenera line. Look at this robed and jowled hierophant!

      I feel like I should put more patterning on the robe, besides the Eye of Marduk. Any suggestions? 

      There was also a Githzerai Monk I got in a grab-bag some years back and never used. A quick repaint and a pair of chainmail rings later, and hey presto! an Imperial assassin. 

      And here's the landing party in total. If they need to conquer a *second* planet in the same day, they might ask for backup. 

      (A lot of alien worlds look like the southern California Desert; this is well-known.)
    • By Rigel
      The Hype Priest spoke, his amplified voice shattering windows for blocks around.

       "Who is like unto ZAREK?" he said, "Or who dares to oppose ZAREK?
      ZAREK, the Ineluctable! 
      ZAREK the Subjugator!
      ZAREK, the Undefeated! 
      ZAREK--merciful to his vassals! 
      ZAREK--cruel to the rebellious!
      ZAREK of the Shining Hawks! 
      ZAREK of the Galactic Throne! 
      ZAREK the Ever-Living! 
      ZAREK the Conqueror of Suns! 
      Prostrate yourselves before ZAREK and live! 
      Surrender your abject planet to ZAREK and live!
      Resist ZAREK and be swept from existence!
      Glory to ZAREK!" 

      Any good spacefuture game needs an expansionist god-king with a cult army bent on planetary conquest, and Lord Zarek of Hydra's Imperials seem up to the task. I went with blue skin partly to emphasize them as aliens, partly to evoke blue-skinned gods and demons of multiple cultures (and also the Kree, various X-Men and Smurfs), and partly because I'd already used a lot of non-blue color schemes. 

      The green and gold and metallic red are garish, but garish in a way I could see Frazetta paint, or imagine from Buck Rogers or Ming the Merciless.

      Zarek is seen here with his Psi-Mages, Nodens and Oannes.

      Better views of the Psi-Mages: 

      Commander Shamash  keeps the legions in line with draconian discipline: 

      Lugalbanda and Urartu, a pair of troopers. 

      They drop out of the sky, take over a world, run it for a few hundred years, and set off for the next one. No one is quite sure why, but most of the sentient species in this sector have a cultural memory of the blue conquerors that came from the sky at the dawn of civilization. 

      One such species, apparently very far advanced technologically, just up and *vanished* in the galactic recent past. Their ruined crystal sky-cities hung abandoned over a planet whose crust had been cracked into the familiar Eye motif. Glyphs a hundred kilometers long overwrote the main continent. Xenolinguists are still working on the translation, but have come to a consensus that one of the letter-groupings translates roughly to 

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