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Samael, The Raven Demon - Dark Whisper, The Chronicles

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I would say this is a dream; in particular, it’s a project born 3 years ago, initially as a role-playing game (written and played successfully) but now the most important characters in this setting will come to life for collectors and painters. Every month a new story will come out and it will tell the events in this world and the Background of the various characters.

I want to create a series of high quality models with a thrilling story telling that is constantly evolving.

The Dark Whispers project includes a total of 8 characters, the first of these is Samael, The Raven Demon.





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No idea who the character is, but my my, it's definitely an interesting looking one!


Rather curious as to how large the bust is ^_^;;;;

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I'm in for the bust right now.  I had to get the Early Bird.  But we'll see if I stick with it as I have a couple PMs from otger projects that are opening in the next couple week and I'll have to see what I spend on those

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I really need to stop looking at this sub-forum...  Saved it for now, but really like the look of the figure.  Not sure I can justify the cost right now, but will see closer to the end.  

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Hmm. It's only six letters, so it's odd they misspelled my name...::D:


Cool piece. Set to remind me.

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I wanted to change the stretch goal for the custom wooden box Dark Whispers! share and tag interested friends for a more radiant future !! hahaha THX ALL GUYS !!!

Share the post set at the top, of the KS on my facebook page at the following link


here is the post to share, I put a picture



wooden box.jpg


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Got it!


It is absolutely beautiful!  The details are crisp and very little clean up!


This campaign was run very well on was basically on time.  I highly highly recommend checking the next Kickstarter.  The creator said it should launch within a couple months. 


Amazing sculpt and he also has a Patreon where he is writing a story to creator a world around these figures.  Its pretty entertaining and I would recommend checking it out too. 



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