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1612 Mylk and Cookies

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Mylk and Cookies is the 12 Days of Reaper figure of the day (December 6). I shared completed photos last year, but I don’t think I shared any work in progress photos then. Also there may be people who didn’t see last year’s photos deciding whether today is the day to place their 12 Days order. If you’d like some more insight into the painting process or how I made the decorations on the cookies, I wrote about that on my blog.








I started out with grayscale underpainting for this one. With this method I use black, white, and gray primer and rough in the major areas of shadow, midtone and highlight in all grays. This gives me a ‘roadmap’ for where to put lighter and darker colours when I paint. As you can see from the photos, I’m going to for the big picture. I don’t bother about details like the eyes or small shadows like the wrinkles on the fingers. Then when I work with colour I can concentrate on blending (or painting texture like the fur) and the details and not have to concentrate so much on where to make things lighter or darker.






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This is a wonderful work, Wren,


I love how full of expression this character is, and I really admire and envy your skills with the brush.


I couldn't help myself but think that he might be a distant (fifth or sixth grade) cousin of discworlds librarian, and I figured he would make a wonderful protagonist or creature for a story.


Really great work.

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