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Hobby Holder 2 - The World's Most Versatile Painting Handle and Grip Returns!

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Well, to each their own.  the only point I was trying to make is that the higher you set your price point, the more imitators and copy cats you are going to create.  There are also a lot of Rathcore copycats.  


for me the point is moot as the biggest selling point of these type of holders is the brush support and the couple of times i have tried these i found it more annoying than useful.  Again personal opinion.

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I dropped my pledge to get another holder and instead ordered extra bottle caps from the creator.  (Apparently we drink the wrong beverages.)  They were cheaper by far than what I could find on Amazon and arrived in just a couple of days.  So pretty good service, both in the original KS and at retail.

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2 hours ago, LittleBluberry said:

I dropped my pledge to get another holder and instead ordered extra bottle caps from the creator.  (Apparently we drink the wrong beverages.)  They were cheaper by far than what I could find on Amazon and arrived in just a couple of days.  So pretty good service, both in the original KS and at retail.


I have 2 of these holders with grip attachments already, so I dropped my pledge also. The kickstarter price seems to be pretty much full retail. If I want something more I'll just order from the shop. Their shipping is shockingly low. Went ahead and ordered the brush beam, two paint pucks and another wash holder from their store. Should arrive Monday.

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