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Jordan Peacock

Happy New Bear! (Citadel "Animal Keeper" Bear 0404-17)

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My first mini finished up on my worktable for the new year happens to be a rather old mini from early on in my collection, close to around the first time that I got the insane idea to pursue the impossible task of having "WYSIWYG" miniatures for use in roleplaying games (well, closer to impossible when someone else is running the game, or when it's a game like Pathfinder where a player can summon any of a wild number of critters, and even if you have one of each of them, he could always cast the spell multiple times and thwart your efforts).  Basically, in our last Pathfinder session, a player summoned a grizzly bear multiple times, and I didn't have one at the ready, to my everlasting shame (particularly since I've got several bear minis out in the garage), so I had to get one painted up and lined up for next time (when of course, he'll do something like summon THREE bears just to vex me).

But I digress.  This is a Citadel Warhammer Fantasy "Bear" miniature from circa 1987/1988 -- 0404-17, from the "Elves" line, sub-line "Animal Keepers" (later known as Wood Elf Beastmasters).  Originally it would have been based on a rectangular 25mmx50mm "cavalry" slottabase, but for Pathfinder I have it on a 50mm round base so as to occupy a 2x2 square.  For the texture insert I have a mix of Apoxie Sculpt epoxy putty textured up to suggest rocks and fallen branches, with a mix of "grass" and "earth" flocking.

I was able to identify the mini more properly thanks to a handy Citadel catalog archive I found here: http://www.solegends.com/citcat1988/cat1988p052-00.htm

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