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91005: Undead Outlaw

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I really like the look of worn highlights on the pants, and the dusty/dirty look to the folds of the duster.  I'm curious at the choice to give him a green duster and hat, though.  I'm guessing you aren't using these for the Wild West?

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53 minutes ago, Darcstaar said:

Nice work on the Duster.  What colors are they?

I used field grey for the base color, a mix of field grey and stained olive for the lighter shadows and stained olive for the darker shadows, and then highlighted with a mix of field grey, olive green, and cloudy grey with the really light highlights just an olive green and concrete grey mix.


Not using him for the wild west, our games tend to be high fantasy with the occasional gun wielder as the only tech we encounter.  Just happened to pick out field grey from the new paints acquired, which was more green than I expected.... thus the duster ended up green...

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