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Dr Boom

Speed Paint: IMEF Bones Figures

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So, my friend who needed a giant worm painted up for his Starfinder campaign (Goremaw fits the bill) hit me on Saturday night with his list of minis he needs for the first adventure in a couple of weeks time. I did some Nova Corp in black tactical gear (serviceable, but not good enough to share), however I was impressed with how the four IMEF figures turned out with such little effort. These are really good sculpts, particularly the faces for Nick Stone and Reggie Van Zandt. If I had more time I would have done more than a simple paint and wash, however I think they'll do nicely for the tabletop.


First up, we have 80019 Jazz Jenkins, looking a little nervous 



Followed by 80016 Nick Stone, looking suitably surly



80017 Reggie Van Zandt, bringing in the heavy ordnance



And finally, BBQ with 80018 Torch McHugh



Just got a Chthon, a Charnel Grub, a headswapped Erik Proudfoot doing service as a Vesk, Marika from the Escher Gangers (my PC), and the Goroloth to go . . .


Wish me luck.

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I'd say tabletop + !

Those goggles are great and they have eyes!

Well done!

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