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Came home from work to find that a big pile of packages waiting for me. Nothing special, just some new general items, but also one big box that confused the crap out of me until I read the address label and realized that it was a package intended for a neighbor. So at 1am I was delivering their package to their front door. They're gonna be confused at 5am when they go to let their dog out and a package is now there when it wasn't there all day.


Still can't wait for Friday to be over. I've gotta buckle down and clean on Saturday and Sunday because my roommate's girlfriend is going to be coming to stay with us for a week on Monday. And I can't count on my roommate to help clean, because aside from doing dishes he doesn't seem to do anything else regarding communal areas. So I gotta scrub out the tub, mop the kitchen and bathroom, scrub off the stovetop, and clean out the fridge. I may try to badger my roommate into scrubbing the tub. I hate doing that one. I'm also gonna try to scrub my carpet, but that's primarily just for me because I haven't done it in about 2 years.


I'm not exactly looking forward to doing all of these things. But they aren't why I'm wanting this week to be over. On Monday a friend of mine that I haven't seen in months is going to be back in town and a bunch of us are getting together for dinner, drinks, and general hangoutery. And I can't wait. We're gonna talk potential plans to go to see Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson in July, and it's gonna be awesome.

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1 hour ago, redambrosia said:

I made myself want to watch The Mummy (with Brendan Frazier). Alas, I don't have time!


You've made me want to watch it too!  


Hubby and oldest daughter are off to New York City for their music field trip!  Hopefully they get some good rehearsal time, no school for 2 weeks of snow has left them under-prepared to perform, let alone at Carnegie Hall.  


Edit:  Thought I should add that hubby is chaperoning, not performing.  He does have a lovely voice, though.  :wub: 

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