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77185 Large Earth Elemental

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Hi all,


Not only is this my first WIP post, it's actually the first pic shared of anything I've ever painted with anyone (excluding family). A bit nervous, but figured I would try it out to help achieve my work goals.


Got this guy with the first Bones Kickstarter, and always envisioned painting him up like an infernal from the Warcraft universe. (Side question, what is the policy on posting reference material?)




Right now he's mostly just basecoated and drybrushed with lighter greys, but I'm planning to make some glowing eyes, and some glow coming from between the major cracks between rocks and his fists. It's my first attempt as OSL, so I'm going to go pretty basic. I almost scrapped the glow completely, but hey, fortune favors the bold, right?


Really glad I got him in Bones. I have a copy of him from the old P-65 line (unpainted, unopened), and there is no way I wouldn't end up dropping him during the course of painting.



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Making him a WoW style infernal is an epic idea. I wholeheartedly support this. It also frees you from me going "but rocks are more complicated than that!" because "Magic". :poke:


You can post reference pictures, but not links, to other sites. So a picture of an infernal is totally okay (to my knowledge). 





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Splendid thinking! Going to paint all the cracks and crannies in neon green? Keep us posted on this fella! 

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Yes, that is actually the plan! Except probably not all the cracks, as many along the back side of his right arm and under his torso are hard to reach with a brush. And some of them are clumped so close together I think it will ruin any glow attempt I try. But we'll see.


2 hours ago, Cyradis said:

Making him a WoW style infernal is an epic idea. I wholeheartedly support this. It also frees you from me going "but rocks are more complicated than that!" because "Magic". :poke:


What would you suggest to "complicate" this guy up a bit? Maybe glaze parts with browns or red-browns? "Dirty" those greys up a bit? It'd probably make him jive better with that brown I have on the ground (was just a place-holder color, anyways).


Rocks is rocks to me, sorry!

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Depends on what rock you're going for. An infernal probably is going to need something from deep under (hellish depths). Rocks from that deep are green or blue. Maybe that's why infernals glow green - they have magic olivine (aka peridot). 


Pretty much rocks need texture in general, and color variety. Unless you want boring sedimentary rocks which are unsuitable for mighty rock golems. Pfft. Too fragile. Lots of rock to choose from. Pick a favorite landscape for theme inspiration :poke: With a big surface, all one color gets boring anyway. Infernal theme could swiftly fix that though! There is even a geology excuse for green surrounded by black! **rummages**


My green-black rock didn't make the move with me. Lemme Internet!


Interneting yielded this picture. The green stuff is from deep earth, and it was solid before the black stuff (which was melted) kidnapped it and pulled it to the surface. 


Boom. Green rock with crystals inside of black rock with bubbles. 


Also: do not let my rock nerding get in the way of your arting! Feel free to shush me. 


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I like how that green is mixed in the rocks. That is food for thought. I'll see how the glow turns out, if go light on it and he's too boring, we'll see about spicing him up.


Thanks everyone!

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