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Dungeon dweller orcs

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Enjoyed painting the single DD orc and brought two more. They are a bit bigger but very much in the same style.


Applied the same colour scheme. Am looking out for the remaining two but think they may be limited edition. 






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Great looking crew!  The other two are in the online store, not limited edition.  Pick them up and keep rockin’!

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    • By Brianuk
      I never know when my minis are done but here are the two fighters from the Dungeon Dwellers line, painted as a pair. Am using more and more Scale 75 paints, most of these colours are from their fantasy line with Army Painter washes. 

    • By Cicciopiu
      Hello all,this is the last mini I've painted. Very nice sculpt, every single detail is there, even if my poor, old, eyes can't reconize it 
      Trying to achieve a realistic look, she came out a little meh! IMO; it lack contrast, probably cause too brownish, but I was aiming a natural appereance, and choose to don't add too many colors.
      Anyway i'm happy the way she came out in the end. Hope you'll like her too 

      Thank you for reading :)
    • By Cicciopiu
      Hello everyone, finally i can post a mini I've finished to paint: during the holidays I was very busy at work and at home and had no time to paint :(

      Soooo here we have Borin Ironbrow, I was really inspired by the pose, the quality of the sculpt and the three weapon to choice: I've opted for the warhammer, cause a dwarf have to break rocks and skulls 
      Classic red beard, and red robe to make contrast with the green cloak, natural leather and METALS!
      Woooo! I got a bunch of new metals from  Vallejo Metal Colors for the holidays and had to try it and I have to say this are THE BEST metal i've ever used, so smooth application, superb metallic finish: the pictures can't capture the real effect, but believe me, those metals are just incredible! 
      Tried to make a Ancient gold finish for the armor and the hammer head, using steel, silver and washing it with some Sepia. It came out more Brass looking, happy of it hanyway!
      For the shield, helm and hammer handle I've opted for steel finish: for it i've used steel, dark grey wash and aluminium highlight.

      Ok enough bla bla... here we go:

      Thank you for reading, hope you'll like it! 
    • By Brianuk
      Have painted this chap up for Rangers of Shadow Deep. Am using a mixture of orcs, half orcs, and gnolls for the "gnolls" in the game, mainly to reduce the lead pile.  Really like the style of the armour in particular. It reminds me of the Angus Mcbride Lord of the Rings paintings. Am going to get the other 4 orcs so he has some mates. 

    • By lazarp
      Hi, I plan on trying out warhammer in the future and I accidentally have enough orc minis to make a 50 renown skirmish warband.
      So, here they are: 6 savages, 7 archers, and a avatars of war orc shaman resin copy I plan on using as an wierdnob shaman (leader of the group) that needs to be based.
      I plan on putting some rocks, sand and grass on their bases, and then giving them a nice paintjob.
      I have never painted a "unit" or an army before, and I would be super thankful for any tips or suggestions that you might have for me before I even start, so please feel free to post them! :D
      This whole project might take and I will post all updates in this topic.
      Cheers and Waaaaagh!

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