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Rob Dean

Winter is here: February 2019 Goals

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Last month I finished a lot. And today just made things more interesting seeing as Forbidden Fortress arrived today.


For February:

  • Mail out Frost Giant Queen since I have a winner!
  • Start and finish my mini swap mini.
  • Work on the two driders I have in progress.
  • Start cleaning, assembling, and prepping Forbidden Fortress. This won't happen for a couple of days because I just ordered 8 oz of super glue, so that needs to get here first.
  • Uhhh, work on SoB wave 2 that I /still/ haven't finished. (Wanted that done /before/ today.)
  • I want to pick up Ma'al but that probably won't happen for a while.
  • Start printing my Maiden Boat and make a WIP thread when I start it. 


That's...more than I intended but I don't expect to really get all of it done. I'm expecting the first 4 will get at least somewhat done. It's a short month, why did I make such a long list?


ETA: Somehow prepare for Bones 4?

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The months almost half over and I've been thinking about what I wanted for goals while plugging away at the Bones Graveyard fencing. Sick wife and kids has meant I didn't get as much hobby time in as normal. Also still waiting for a temperature control switch for my foam cutter.


Came up with a mix I like for doing washes on terrain and made a small bottle of it.

Finished the graveyard fence last night just need to give it a shot of varnish when it's not -25-30 C.

Assembled and prepped a Frostgrave warband using the new female soldiers. Really like some of those minis. 


So goals for the rest of the month,

Paint the Frostgrave girls.

Figure out what I need to make and paint for the Rangers of Shadowdeep Burning Light Campaign and work on it.

Whenever I get my foam cutter working make some ruins. 

Paint my Frostgrave cultists if I get time. 

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On 2/4/2019 at 11:18 AM, Morihalda said:


- Sculpt two figures. Nothing fancy. I won't make characters I'm attached to and then get frozen because they're not even close to how I pictured. Just plain people practice.

- I'd like to get some basing done on Ma'al.

- A friend bought a pirate mini on the Reaper site, so the next step is to have him come over and paint it!


My friend is coming over to paint in about 30 minutes!

I've been practicing basing on a couple other dragons so I'll be familiar with the process when working on Ma'al.

I haven't started sculpting those figures yet because I'll know they'll need to be boring, plain people and a giant dragon is just more fun to work on. ::D:

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On 2/1/2019 at 5:50 PM, MiniDungeonMaster said:

February Goals:

Finish reading Waterdeep Dragon Heist.

Paint 15 miniatures

- Including 5 minis to be used for WD:DH

Make a list of all minis I'll need for this module

Create / Print all maps I expect to need for chapter 1 of the module


I want to start running in March. That's the plan.


Good thing I checked on this because I forgot that part of my goal is the 5 minis for WD:DH, I havent been thinking about that and I prepped a bunch of models ready for painting today- none with the intention of using for this. I dont know what's wrong with me that whatever I want to paint is never what I need for a game!


I'm also nowhere near finishing the book and had ALSO totally forgotten about the map part of this goal! JEEZ! I do have one map printed. 

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Finished photographing the spacefuture folks and the Russian pulp faction! 
Feb goals: one final push on that orc shaman, and get the circus personnel painted to tabletop standard. They are coming along swiftly, though I would love some feedback/C&C. 

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Got my Rock Troll today so I am gonna try the winter/ice theme on the RP challenge. Wish me luck!

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On 2/1/2019 at 12:55 PM, Evilhalfling said:

Ongoing goals:

One metal Mini per month  (Rumbleguts) - started 

3+ from bones3 Core 



Finish Horned Serpent Vinette (converted figure from bones mashup class) 

Snow White the T-Rek. (started) 

Finish January's metal mini - River Widow 




huh. nowhere on this does it suggest that I was going to start painting lizardmen in various styles of 17th-century painters.

El Greco (archer & club) 

Caravaggio  (club - started) 

Diago Velacruz 


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On 1/31/2019 at 9:11 AM, Rob Dean said:


Finish at least one twelve figure unit (two would be better)

Add something to the 1/72 scale plastic Portable Fantasy project

Paint enough Burrows and Badgers figures to fill out a third war band and fill out the war band forms (that translates to two or three new ones...)

Paint a standard bearer for my Ghost Archipelago crew. 


Mid-month check-in time:  I had the day off yesterday, and finished my unit of 12 ancient scruffy Minifigs orcs, so that's one goal down.  I have added some 1/72 NPCs, and hope to get a few more done, so that's two...


The B&B figures have been primed, at least, and so has the banner bearer. 

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