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Rackham The Red Lioness

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So I'm still experimenting with glow effects, but I'm pretty happy with this one :lol:

Painted her to be used as a sorcerer in my 9th age army




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Very nice. I like the glow effects. I've been painting for some time and I still can't say I've done glow effects that I've been at all happy with. I would recommend a little bit of dark color dry brushed or lined on some of glowing ridges of horns of the blade and the spine thing going up the center. it gives the illusion of shadows which helps with the look of glowing despite being pretty much in the glowing area. At the very least that's what most of the tutorials that I've watched say. I can't be certain as I've yet to successfully do it myself.


The gilding on the armor is nice too.

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