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Skeleton Archer, Orc Marauder, Mangu Timur, Anirion, Ingrid, Hajad

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Welcome to the Forum!


Those are pretty good!

You even painted eyes!


The pirate is my favorite!

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Looks good!


You're right that layering is a more difficult technique than washing/drybrushing. But you'll find that, as you get better at both techniques, they both have uses where the other isn't appropriate (and, IMO, layering is more useful more of the time). 


Hajad and Ingrid both look very good, though! Certainly more depth than my first minis. Welcome to the hobby!

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Those are great!  Welcome to the hobby and the boards :winkthumbs:

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Welcome to the hobby! These are great first minis - in particular the skeleton (great aged bone) and the pirate (love that he is looking up at the chest).

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