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  2. Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    Sort of. It is possible to breed turkeys that have a greater likelihood of asexual reproduction, but it comes with a bunch of other birth defects.
  3. Zombicide: Green Horde

    Hm. I've not got it on hand, but it was a package deal. - Zombicide Black Plague Paint set - Zombicide Green Horde Paint Set - Extra bottles of the Barbarian Flesh and Glistening Blood paint - Spray can of the Army Green primer - Spray can of their spray varnish It seems like a nice package.
  4. Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second

    Acquired over the last couple of days: Citadel: -Astrogranite Debris -Stirland Battlemire -Valhallan Blizzard -Armageddon Dunes -Martian Ironcrust And finally, I got my hands on a WizKids Beholder, which are darned difficult to get a hold of. When I went to the FLGS in the Big City and asked if they had any in stock, they said they didn't but an order of 8 was on its way (one of the co-workers asked if I was the one that order 4 of them, but regretfully I was not). The owner then thought for a moment and then told me that there was one in reserve that was being held for someone, but that person was taking forever to pick it up so I can have it instead, and the other guy can wait for the next shipment. Wooo! Also got some Agrellan Eath from my local FLGS, and a squad of Grey Knight Paladins. Looks like I might be getting into this WormHamster 40Q thing.
  5. Hitting the big 40

    Welcome to the club! I remember when I hit 40, I was kind of proud of it. Looked myself in the mirror with a bit of introspection and told myself: "Not bad kid, not bad."
  6. Where can I find model dimensions?

    So went to check the preview gallery, and they have the triangles again.... Has the B and M been dropped, or are those just old photos?
  7. Hitting the big 40

    Congratulations on having survived till Real Adulthood. Hopefully, your life so far has been a rich learning experience and you now have a long enough baseline of time-perspective and experience to decide what your destiny will be and actively shape your world to put yourself in that place. The Auld Grump is right about the 40s hitting back. It's a time when you still have nearly all of your physical capabilities and your mental faculties are functioning at full capacity. The realization that your physical being is starting to decline sometimes leads to some sort of "mid-life crisis". You can have a crisis or you can shape your life to embrace new experiences and challenges. The choices are yours. 50 isn't all that bad but 60-65 can be a real Speed Bump. GEM
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  9. Zombicide: Green Horde

    Fedex emails me when packages are coming for me, so it must be possible to do. But it's been a while since I set it up, so I couldn't say how.
  10. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Santa Ana wind conditions here. Plus the entire Mojave Desert is going through its spring pollination season and I am receiving the full "benefit" of all the pollens. Is it April yet?
  11. First Game of Ghost Archipelago

    Next time there should be three of us, so hopefully I can grab pictures while people are moving. I do regret not getting a picture of the table at the start, guess I was just laser focused on the game.
  12. Werebear

    Awesome job!
  13. Sphinx - 77576

    So beautiful!
  14. Eve's Dress

    For autumn colors you can add in some reds, browns, and yellows. If you are wanting to stick with purple and orange as your primary colors, you can accent with yellow and that should still look nice.
  15. Sunrise diorama

    Yup, both Partha’s and a delightful diorama!
  16. Black Rose Wars

    That's why they invented sorbet and gelato! And that's before we also mention frozen yogurt as an option too....
  17. Yesterday
  18. Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    “Ceremonial”. The stegosaurus is known for having the smallest brain-size-to-body-size ratio of any dinosaur. Big ol’ Lizard had a brain the size of a walnut. It was once hypothesized that stegosaurs had a second brain near their pelvis to help control their hind legs, thagomizer, etc.
  19. Ral Partha/Hackmaster halfling rogue

    Thanks Malefactus, you’re making me blush!
  20. Black Rose Wars

    I love all this stuff, I'm just all miniatured-out. It reminds me of the time I was let loose on an all-you-can-eat ice cream buffet, I love ice-cream but you can definitely have too much of a good thing
  21. First Game of Ghost Archipelago

    Congrats on your first GA game! Yes, please remember pictures next time. :). You know a set of rules are good when you can get your butt kicked and still have a good time!
  22. Any elf catapults available anywhere?

    Oh, look at that happy smile!
  23. I'm looking for elf artillery but this is just too cool. Could definitely find a place in the goblin army for that. A bit pricey but maybe someday.
  24. Chubby naked boys never did anything for me but slutty elves might. I learned about GW somewhere around 86 or 87 and most of my GW collection is from before 2000. The newest GW thing I bought was the Battle for Skull Pass box and that was because the wife wanted the dwarves. We also grabbed a bunch of older dwarf stuff at that time. I'm not a fan of the new GW minis for the most part. They are technically impressive but the aesthetics aren't what I like. Too many details and overwrought/overthought. Like simpler, not so cluttered minis better.
  25. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Yeah, it's warmed up a bit now. Probably going to the store soon while the sun is out and roads are clear. ETA: Decided to just wait until tomorrow to go shopping. Played some Arkham Horror: TCG. Lost Husband on the first round. Had I gone first that wouldn't have happened. At least his character isn't dead.
  26. Yah allot of various Asian hobby companies sell this style as well. Also they sell what looks like dense packed corrugated cardboard bases. You just stick em in the holes. It's what I use for model parts when spray painting them. Very effective method I must say.
  27. Kingdom Death: Monster Core Game

    Thanks! I've been practicing for a while on the eyes. I imagine the world to have dim lights around closer to the settlement, so with her I'm making the lantern the primary source. Anywhere not lit by the lantern is only getting base coat and shadow. I primed mine in black due to the atmosphere, to try and portray the darker feeling. Playing the game, my second one is fitting the atmosphere of the game a lot better, thanks to the darker feeling of her. Anyway, thanks again for the complements!
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