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  2. Looks great! Awesome progress!
  3. Progress. I base coasted the wings in Solid White (for the scaled areas) and Palomino Gold (for the wing membranes). Then I washed the white areas with Snow Shadow, including the areas adjacent to the humerus and carpals. Lastly, I added some blotches of Amethyst Purple -- visible on the left wing here -- and put on a couple layers of very thin Solid White over everything on the right wing, including the scales (individually) and the wing membranes (en masse). The underside of the wing has only had one layer of Solid White at this point. It probably needs another -- it's a bit too brownish-goldish for my taste. You know, when I started this project I seriously thought that the dragon was going to be the easier part. How wrong I was! Although the base has had many steps that have taken a long time, individually those steps have been pretty straightforward and gone smoothly. Meanwhile, I've struggled with working out the best way to apply paint, with the difficulty of getting the brush in around his great bloody wings, and with the yellowing white paint (which is still happening) It looks better in pics than it does in person, I'm afraid. The scales are sloppy, yellowing, and in some of the higher points the paint has rubbed off entirely despite getting sealed repeatedly. I think I'm about 80% of the way through at this point. I still need to: - Finish the wings - Seal the wings - Basecoat and shade the spines and claws, - Paint the head (and eyes) - Attach the head - Attach the dragon to the base - Work out if/how to seal the cracked ice areas without obscuring the cracks or killing the shine - Apply snow to the base - Do a final pass to touch up and seal any areas that got damaged along the way. I look forward to completing it. I had no idea it take this long. I've been at it for, what, a month and a half now? It gives me even greater respect for people who take on and complete the Ma'al Drakar in Seven Days challenge!
  4. @Zink hope you two can now enjoy your new mini!!! So..sunday...I will paint a little. Later today visiting my girl's parents. The aunt diagnosed with colon cancer is my girlfriend's dad's sister. He has no other sisters and brothers left anymore, all deceased.. So he got quite the shock hearing his sister has C. Now hoping it will be a slow spread, so she can live a little longer in relatively good shape. But we don't know...
  5. @Mad Jack those are toy building materials. I don't remember the name, but it is similar to legos but soft.
  6. In s moment of weakness: ...InspirObot finally fesses up.
  7. Today
  8. More story.. **************** Tunnelvision Talpa the moleman warrior had reached the enemy settlement. As agreed he would investigate the place so the rebels would know what they were up against. This small village would be their target, sending the reptilians the message that they were not invincible. He had been digging his way to the village, only emerging to look if he was still going in the right direction. Carefully he stuck his head out of the ground, he could see the settlement. A wooden wall flanked by two watchtowers surrounded the village. The gates were open, Talpa looked at the people coming and going. From the look of it, this was a human settlement, only a few reptilian guards to keep the people in check. He knew what that meant. These were human allies who served the reptilians willingly. He dug into the ground and he tunnelled forward. Very carefully he made a little hole and stuck his head out again. He was in the village, just near a building, nobody saw him. Quickly he looked around, taking mental notes of what he saw. Having seen enough he dug into the ground again and made his way back. He needed to report his findings. *********************** An unexpected ally Mitla stared at the young girl, her purple hair and facepaint told her she was a witch or a priest of some kind. The girl looked afraid. So, who are you and why are you here? Mitla asked. My name is Alsnia, I have been sent by Tanith! Tanith? Mitla asked., you mean the Serpent Goddess? I've heard of her cult, are you a follower? I thought nobody believed in the big snake anymore! Many of us have been killed by the reptilians, my own mother was a high priest and she died for it. She sent me away to find Tanith. Mitla shook her head, I'm sorry to hear about your mother. Come in, meet the others. I'm sure you need some rest. While walking through the cave, Mitla asked, and how long have you been searching for Tanith now? Two years, Alsnia replied. Why do you keep searching, nobody has ever found a God, Mitla said. Alsnia just looked at her and said, I did! Mitla raised her eyebrows, you did? You mean... YES! I found her! Alsnia said. And she has sent me her to talk to you. If she finds you worthy, she will help you to defeat the Frogking. Mitla fell silent. Was this girl insane? They walked to the main hall where the rebel leaders were discussing something. Fillippa noticed them first, who have you brought my dear? We are just discussing strategy, Talpa has returned with information about the enemy settlement. This is Alsnia, priestess of Tanith, she claims the Serpent Goddess sent her. Xolotl turned to face Alsnia, Tanith? I haven't heard that name for a long time. The reptilians have outlawed that religion, I didn't know there were still priests of Tanith around! Alsnia once again told her story. The others fell silent for a while. Leon stood up, I don't know, he said. Here we have a young girl, almost a child, claiming to be the messenger of a long forgotten God? Why do we bother? She is clearly delusional. Give her food and shelter and let someone take care of the poor girl. I'm not sure, Achik said, she doesn't look insane or confused, and one can grow up fast during wartime. Fillippa turned to Mitla, what do you think? Mitla shrugged, I don't know she seems sincere, but she also claims to have met the Serpent Goddess in person. She said Tanith wants to help us in our fight. Xolotl asked Alsnia, how did you get here? I don't know, Alsnia said, Tanith told me to close my eyes and the next moment I was here. Impossible! Leon said. Xolotl walked up to Alsnia, do you have any proof that you are who you say you are? Alsnia almost started crying, this was not how it was supposed to go. How could she convince them she was telling the truth? Suddenly something in her satchel started to glow. She reached into it and took out the Orb of Tanith. The orb was glowing and began to shine brighter. Xolotl recognized the Orb. I know what that is! So you're carrying the Orb of Tanith! At least that means you are her priest. But having met the Goddess? I don't know he said. At that moment the Orb projected an image of a huge snake's head. TANITH! Alsnia yelled. All fell silent and watched the image, suddenly a voice was heard. I AM TANITH! ALSNIA IS MY MESSENGER!!! BELIEVE HER!!! Xolotl stared at the image. What do you want from us? Oh Tanith. Once more the image spoke. PROVE YOURSELF WORTHY!! Xolotl bowed at the image. And how shall we prove this? YOU WILL LET ALSNIA STAY WITH YOU! I WILL SEE WHAT SHE SEES. WHEN I FIND YOU WORTHY I WILL COME! Then the image faded. Fillippa looked at Xolotl and then at Mitla. He smiled at Alsnia It seems we have a guest ! ********************************
  9. Lovely job! I like the muted tones.
  10. Came home from a first trip out to IKEA with the bits and pieces to start building out the new work space. I reallyreallyreallyREALLY want more parts, but for now.. I have what I have. It will do. I also have a plastic bone. ... not that kind of bone! Paradox in panties, you guys are perverted...... I'mma turn it into a goblin fetish. *smirk*
  11. Awesome! Great work on the skin and the shield!
  12. Very Nice! Great natural look!
  13. Wonderful! I love the sword! Good job on the skin and the base as well!
  14. I'd happily dig through the melt table to get y'all stuff to put in the box. Would that count? ^.^
  15. There were 120+ players. And it was swiss style. I went 3-0 with Green splash red/white dinosaurs. My pack had 7 creature removal spells across 5 colors. So, I had to start with early aggro creatures and tricks until I could throw down with the 4+/4+ tramplers. Enrage is such a fun ability. Block my creature! Deal damage to it! I dare ya! I had an assortment of them that fetched lands, drew cards, dealt direct damage to the opponent, or netted me life. I didn't get a chance to play against anyone with raid or explore (that's a neat mechanic).
  16. Thanks for the congratulations and sympathy everyone. Mom's pretty close to 100% now. We both got some sleep today and baby's doing fine. Mom got rid of all the tubes earlier today and some of the nurses are amazed how fast she recovered. We were discussing what happened and she wanted to argue with me that it wasn't that bad. I gave her a step by step commentary on exactly what I saw and did. She said I don't remember a bunch of that. I'm like, yeah, I was here, you weren't for about 10 minutes. Damn glad you came back. One dumb mistake on her part, (not leaving home sooner) me not pushing to correct it and a slight mistake by the paramedics and almost a tragedy. I know the one paramedic from karate and I know he'll feel terrible when he finds out what happened. He's a really good guy. He was the driver so not entirely his fault but he was also the senior partner so it was. I thought about being a paramedic when I was younger but decided not to because of this exact thing. I didn't want anybody's life in my hands and to suffer if I made a small mistake. I'm writing a detailed report of it all. Kind of helps me get through it but don't think I need to share here. Short version. She gave birth at the wrong hospital because she didn't think she could wait until the city. Everything seemed fine but she had some internal bleeding that wasn't easily noticeable. By the time she got to the proper hospital she had lost so much blood that she collapsed right in front of us. Thankfully it's a brand new, fully equipped hospital and the maternity ward nurses and trauma team did a good job saving her. Slightly less happy with our doctor because he didn't check her out good enough, soon enough which lead to a few extra hours of blood loss. But at least by that time she was already getting a transfusion so the risk was much lower. Sitting there helpless while this was going on was a terrible feeling. I'm a fixer and a doer but I've got enough first aid training to know to get out of the road when the professionals are working. So close. A few minutes difference and ... Trying not to think of what might have been. It's all good now.
  17. Rapheal, any news on who's running what, when, yet? :)
  18. I think there's a system that hooks up a sprinkler to a proximity detector, saw something like that anyways on an episode of my cat from hell where Jackson had the family set one up to scare off the local outdoor cats from using their lawn as bathroom which was freaking out their cat. Should work on dogs to and has the benefit of maybe hitting the walker as well.
  19. Very much stealing this idea! Thanks for the write up it will be very helpful. It was a bit of a problem when I tried using the fencing just on the table and it would get nudged by a mini.
  20. *facepalm*
  21. Ugh. Game almost ended in a TPK. End of adventure, end of story, end of game. The players were down one PC, the orc bard. Player has issues with being able to show up to game. I consider him a semi-regular player at this point. The PCs have been padding their abilities with NPC friends for awhile. They're taking advantage of the adventure, yes, but it makes some sense. Otherwise there'd be half a dozen NPCs sitting on their butts in camp while the 4 lower level PCs do all the heavy lifting: monsters, cannibals, undead, plot, adventure. This time they head into a dungeon without any NPC backup. Second encounter. Two lacedons against 3 2nd level PCs. Difficult encounter, sure. Made more difficult when I couldn't roll below a 15 on the dice to hit. Ranger gets taken from full hp to -12 in one round. The two remaining characters, the gnome rogue and the dwarf witch, are no match. I math it out in my head, I'm looking at a TPK in less than 2 rounds. Cue swearing. Stop the game. Lay out the problem. In the end we agreed to retcon the dungeon. They didn't enter. Instead they're going to get XP elsewhere and wait for when/if orc bard returns. Then retry the dungeon as a full party. Ugh, I will kill that dwarf witch though. Low hit points, AC of 7, I tried to give him free armor but he wouldn't take it. Because the 5% spell failure chance is not worth it, not when it means a 5% chance his ineffective spells won't even cast right.
  22. I like big bases and I cannot lie...
  23. Oh no, she'll still be angular and wild, she's all mine.
  24. Why??? It was good. If it was looking like you wanted that's way more important than changing it to someone else's idea. You should've finished it as yours. If she didn't quite turn out you could've incorporated the advice and what you learned into the next one. That's why I'm sometimes hesitant to offer advice and opinions. I like to offer options so people can make what they want from any ideas I have. You need to do it your way and stick with it. Now we'll never know what the final product could have been.
  25. Over the last few days I've acquired a copy of the newest D&D adventure(Tomb of Annihilation), the RG Char's Zaku II gundam model, and a Necron Immortals/Deathmarks unit box. And today I went to an SCA event where I was given a hat and a some paper.
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