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  2. Pezler the Polychromatic


    I think that the wings are very well done, they look like the light is going through the membranes. That red splotch is a bit distracting, though. Also, would doing a light glaze of the wing colours over the veins make it look they're further in the skin, or would it make it look worse?
  3. WhiteWulfe

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    If it's any consolation (alongside the whole I was in my teens) it was my first or second day of being a tourist in New Zealand, and I'd been promised I would see all sorts of fantastic things. Horizontal rain, especially when ten minutes before the cape was clear and sunny, definitely ranks as "fantastical" in that mindset. ... Now that I've seen it once? Nah, I'm good. Wait you mean the pods that were first released back when FASA was still alive, and doing well? ...And have a massive cult following, because they've been redesigned for mthe ground up by fans in order to actually be useful and not overheat? ....And are an insanely awesome way to stomp around in a 'Mech? If so, count me as insanely envious. I always wanted to get in one of those, and even wanted a set of them when I was younger....
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  5. sumbloke

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I would guess Slann...
  6. CorallineAlgae

    Gulthias Tree (Citadel Woods)

    These things are all kinds of awesome. The story kind of reminds me of Ninmenka, the demon tree from Inuyasha. The tree drank the blood of humans by digging its thorns into them. Then it grew human faced fruits. The fruits were used to make a healing potion, but drinking it gave the tree influence over the person.
  7. Limey72


    So I would like some input from anyone willing to chime in, I feel that the wing membraine is a little lacking and also is there too much blue, I was thinking of repainting the membraine in a very light purple getting darker Beatles the limbs with similar markings? Any help appreciated
  8. CorallineAlgae

    77580: Ma'al Drakar the Dragon Tyrant WIP

    I'm liking the green body.
  9. CorallineAlgae

    The Oxenfre

    Will you be my Dungeon Master? Please?
  10. TGP

    Getting to Know You, June 2018

    I dunno...a way of doing metal objects that looks decent...but not fiddly like NMM or TMM...for one. Some new ways of doing speed paint...and by speed paint I mean a whole unit in an hour, rather than one figure in an hour...for another. Weekend is half done; it looks unlikely.
  11. CorallineAlgae

    pìntando a unos chicos malos

    Nice gang of bandits!
  12. CorallineAlgae

    Wizkids - Elfe Female Paladin

    Aaaaaand ordered. After seeing your painted elf paladin and reading your endorsement I went ahead and ordered the pack. I doubt I will paint or base her up as nicely as you did. She looks so awesome charging through that field. Can I ask what size base you used? I think some of what makes your version look so dynamic is the basing. The extra space really helps set the scene for her charge.
  13. 72moonglum

    pìntando a unos chicos malos

    Muy bien hecho!
  14. 72moonglum

    Oathsworn Raven Mage

    Very nice and those eyes seem to be following me. Very disturbing.....
  15. 72moonglum

    Grenadier "Monsters of Mythology" Sphinx Speedpaint

    Beautiful old classic and very nicely painted in such a shoert time!
  16. Did the box ship? Nothing has arrived here.
  17. SparrowMarie

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Did not finish desk but did find some reservations for things we needed in Alaska so trip is a go.
  18. Green Eyed Monster

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    The same advice also applies to certain regions of ships and larger boats. GEM
  19. On Mondays, I've been playing in a homebrew 5e campaign at my FLGS. Amongst a mostly-monstrous party (several tabaxi, a kenku, firbolg, and centaur) I decided to play a sphynx - or more accurately, an Aarakocra sorcerer with two levels of rogue using the fire-Draconic Bloodline, reskinned as a catgirl-style sphynx. I've been in need of a mini, but it turns out, medium-sized sphinxes are hard to find, and lion-sorceress tabaxi minis to graft wings onto are also hard to find - until today! At paint day today, I grabbed a great couple finds out of a huge case of minis that someone had dropped off for sale, including one that's perfect for this character: the Grenadier Sphinx from their lead box set "Monsters of Mythology". Now, this is a tiny figure, for a monster. Her crouched position makes her look even smaller - next to a human Reaper mini, though, you can actually see that she's perfectly to scale in terms of an ordinary person. The wings are incredible - easily the best I've seen on a mini of that period (opinions may vary) in terms of looking like realistic wings. It took about two and a half hours to paint and base her - I GS'd her at the shop around three, got home around eight, grabbed a shower, and just banged her out, since I wanted her ready for Monday and I'm working 10AM-12PM tomorrow... Painted a basecoat of Intense Brown on the wings, and Golden Blonde for the whole body. Then I did the face - nothing too fancy, though the lips are redder in person; just some Kohl makeup. Added the bars on the wings, then coated the whole thing in Game Color's Umber wash - indiscriminantly on the wings, and just to shade on the body. Touched up the highlights on the body, then highlighted the bars on the wings again, added the hair and shading on the throat (Game Color's Flesh Shade) and based it up with some split glass and Battlefield XP Highland Tufts. Gotta say, she was a lot of fun to paint, and I look forward to playing her on Monday! A couple folks in the group love monstrous female minis, so she's going to be a great surprise, and she fits the character perfectly! 10/10 would recommend getting one, if you can!
  20. Green Eyed Monster

    An appeal for civilty

    Dropping my two cents worth into the discussion, I have to say that I agree with nearly all of the comments and observations made on this thread. I say this from the perspective of someone who has seen BBS forums literally burned down from the intensity of the flame wars that could erupt, often over quite insignifficant and trivial differences of opinion. If I could give one piece of general advice it is this: Read what you have typed before hitting the send button. I don't always follow my own advice but try to make it a habit and really don't follow my own recommended practice only when there are inordinate time constraints involved. The concern over keeping this a healthy environment for not just painting but all the other discussions involved is admirable, not just on the part of the moderators [who are to be lauded for doing an often difficult job with a light hand and gentle words], but also those forum members who are concerned about the continuing health of these forums.
  21. Marvin

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Underrated: Arby's Overpriced: Arby's Overrated: pants
  22. Sirithiliel

    77279: Narthrax WIP

    experimenting with trying to get a transparent / translucent look. Quick phone picture
  23. CashWiley

    Hasslefree Miniatures kickstarter

    Got mine! So much goodness.
  24. vegascat

    Reapercon Figures for Non-Con goers?

    +1 Huzzah, thank you OneBoot!
  25. lowlylowlycook

    Zombicide Black Plague Abominations

    Wow, these are cool minis and you are doing an amazing job on them.
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